Arcane Legends Legendary Items Guide

Arcane Legends Legendary Items Guide by CosmoxKramer

Level 15-16 Legendaries

A Legendary Item is basically calculated as if it is 3 levels higher than the required level listed on the item. An ELITE Legendary Item is calculated as if it is 5 levels higher than the required level listed on the item. Epic Items are calculated based strictly on the Item level and have most combinations (but i may not have listed all the names available)


Leading descriptive adjectives generally denote the larger of 2 stats on the item (20-21 INT/DEX/STR, 25-26 for level 20-21 gear)

Original AL Elite gear that you can get Elite Chest or Elite Chest II. Each type of Armor then has a leading descriptive Adjective as follows
Clever = INT
Agile = DEX
Mighty = STR
Dead City Elite gear you get from Elite Banded Chest – labeled (DC)

Item SlotMageRogueWarrior
WeaponWyrmbone, Flamestrike Rod, Charward Rod (DC)Heartseekers, Lifethief, Demonblades (DC)Vorpal, Trollbane, Infernal Suffering (DC),
HelmDemonologist, Demonlord Visage (DC)Ranger,Juggernaut, Berserker, Demonlord Helm (DC)
ChestDemonologist, Demonlord Robe (DC)Ranger, Demonlord Leather (DC)Juggernaut, Berserker, Demonlord Plate (DC)

Rings/Amulets from the Original AL release are named Clever, Agile, or Mighty. For DC Rings and Amulets there are varying names.

DC Rings
Power Ring – DEX
Power Circuit – STR
Ensorcelled Band -INT/STR
Ensorcelled Ring – DEX
Legend Ring – INT
Legend Band – STR
Legend Braid – DEX
DC Amulets
Divine Pendant – STR
Divine Brooch – DEX
Divine Chain – INT
Superb Amulet – INT
Superb Necklace – DEX
Prime Brooch – STR
Prime Necklace – INT
Prime Chain – DEX
Fabulous Amulet – DEX
Fabulous Necklace – STR
Fabulous Bauble – INT

Item Suffixes
caveat: not all armor above can have every mix of the following

of Force = STR & CRIT
of Fatality = DEX & CRIT
of Tactics = INT & CRIT

of Stability = STR & DODGE
of Grace = DEX & DODGE
of Savvy = INT & DODGE

of Security = STR & bonus ARMOR
of Fitness = DEX & bonus ARMOR
of Will = INT & bonus ARMOR

Rings/Amulets/Weapons Only
of Warfare = STR, DEX, or INT & DAMAGE & ARMOR

of Brutality = STR & DAMAGE
of Assault = DEX & DAMAGE
of Potency = INT & DAMAGE

of Riposte = STR, DEX, or INT & DODGE & CRIT

For more stats or calculations related to AL you can see my spreadsheet on Google Documents…WJmeThuVVRGamM

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