Arcane Legends How to Do Platinum Offers Guide

Arcane Legends How to Do Platinum Offers Guide by Loaden

Go to menu and click store( at the top left corner “your face” for the menu, and afterwards the top right corner for the store)


You should enter a page where you can buy platinum like below.
Afterwards, on the bottom left of the screen. Click “Go”


You should see something like this.


Read carefully what you have to do. E.g Install and Run

Shortly after, you should receive your plat. Congrats!


If you want the shortcut,
Click on spacetime nexus, and click offers. You should see this


The only difference is the 2 Platinum offer by Spacetime Studios!
Simply by liking their Facebook page, you will be awarded 2 Platinum.
Good luck! Have fun.

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  1. jana says:


  2. jana says:

    i love arcane legends

  3. Nikola says:

    I didn’t get a platinum for level up.. Why??

  4. golden says:

    Is there a way to buy with cashu

  5. arcanelegendplayer says:

    the offers of w3i dont work. is that normal?

  6. Danilo Ribeiro says:

    pictures offline :/

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