Arcane Legends Hauntlet Fast Run Guide

Arcane Legends Hauntlet Fast Run Guide by iacito

While doing Hauntlet runs, I have remarked that it’s almost impossible to get below 2:30 with a random group of players on Arcane legends. This is mostly due to the fact that they didn’t have a strategy and thought that they had to kill every mobs in order to complete the Hauntlet .
So to remedy that problem (hopefully), here is my official guide on how to do fast hauntlet runs:

How to Start
-Make sure that you have good pet (I would recommend Wrathjaw and Snaggletooth because they give good stats and are cheap).
Basic requirement
-A full Party composed of any class. (Full warrior party is not recommended because warriors have low damage and DPS (damage per second) making it longer for them to kill enemies). For better timing and precision, use the help of your guild members and/or friends. Rogue parties are usually the fastest.
– Make sure that everybody is ready before starting the timing( Don’t start by yourself, you will die, or end up using a lot of pot, or slown down your party considerably.)
-Good gear: If you can’t afford elite items as most people in the game, buy the extremely cheap winter set; it has really good stats . (Hint: If you can’t even afford the winter set, try to do the quests in the dead city expansion, you will get 10k from completing the quests and might even get the set as a drop from Lil Scrooge.)

How to Complete
If you have done a Hauntlet run, you’ll will know that the Hauntlet is composed of three stages(if you didn’t, you know now).

The First Stage
To complete the first stage, all your party has to do is to kill everybody in the room.
, and then you can move.
Recommendations: I usually target the mages/necromancers and archers first because of their long range of attack (the mage can stand anywhere in the room and will hit you), and create a bigger chance of survivality because it’s easier to kill the other mobs if hordes of arrows and spells aren’t being shot at you.

The Second Stage
Unlike the first stage, in this stage, you don’t have to kill every mobs, killing the necromancers and the archers (usually 2) that spawns at the very back of that stage( close to the red energy shield). The mages/necromancers spawn at opposite sides of the room(3 on each sides), so it’s better if one part of the party kill the necromancers in one side while the other part kills the other side. What I have noticed is that the problem is not about killing the archers and necromancers, but about getting to them without being overwhelmed by the other mobs in the room. To circumvent this problem, I would recommend for a warrior to aggro the mobs and for the rest of the party to focus on killing the mages and archers. If your party doesn’t have a warrior, as a mage with the “Hardened shield” perk on your arcane shield, you can quickly run through the mobs and kill the mages and archers needed to clear the stage.

Boss Stage
This is the last stage and should be the easiest one to complete(A strong/good group can literally kill the boss in 10 seconds or even less). The boss is the fallen warrior(He is also the companion of Sigurn in Rook’s nest), his main attacks are melee attacks which are easily avoidable, what you should be looking out for is his charged attack which release a pool of poison which, is most times, deadlier than him(but this is easily avoidable because if you get out of his range, he will cancel the attack). He also call his minions when he is about less 5than half his heath bar. you should ignore the minions and continue attacking him. But if they(the minions ) are a problem for you because of low armor, use AoE (Area of Effect) attacks which will damage both the boss and his minions.

– To finish faster, i recommend for someone to go toward the finish when the boss is almost dead. It would be even better if that person was a rogue with a 25% speed elixir and a pet with movement speed like Deston , and a little help from the warrior,s Rally Cry skill with the the “forced march”and “call to arms perks” which would give an additional 10% speed to the rogue. Thanks to Zaonabiuibil’s skill guide: Arcane Legends Skills Complete List 

Hauntlet Pure or 90 second Hauntlet is when you run the Hauntlet in 90 seconds (1:30 min) or less. If your party follow all of the steps above and is composed of Level 20-21 ( or 19), there is no way you won’t get this achievement.

-Kill everybody in first stage to complete it.
-Run through the mobs to Kill the necromancers and the archers close to the red energy shield/barrier.
-Fight Boss and let somebody sprint to the finish when the boss is almost dead (preferably using speed elixirs and pet with speed movement).

Hope this helps.
If you want me to add anything, post it below.

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