Arcane Legends Guilds Basic Guide

Arcane Legends Guilds Basic Guide by Zaonabiuibil

Guild:“An association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.”

Most likely the best aspect of every MMO out there. In this, you will learn how to be an effective:

The Guildmaster:
The guildmaster, also known as the GM, is the leader of the guild. The Guildmaster can:
-Promote members to recruiter or officer
-Demote officers or recruiters to members
-Boot members from the guild
-Transfer the guild leadership
-Recruit members
-Use the officer chat (/o)

A guildmaster’s job is to help create and maintain the faimly that is a guild. That is what a guild is. A family. As the guild expands, the guildmaster needs help, so they’ll rely on the help of:

The officers are the ambassadors of the guildmaster, in a sense. They help promote the rules, keep members in line, and help out. An officer can:
-Boot members
-Recruit members
-Use the officer chat (/o)

An officer should not abuse their role, but should use it to show that they’re there to help keep the guild a fun, safe place.

The guildmaster can also use the help of:

The recruiters bring in new members to expand the guild, and grow the family. The recruiters can:
-Recruit members

The recruiters can only invite, but they’re still important. They can bring in new people, but this power is not to be taken lightly. Last, but not least, are the:

The members are the meat of the guild. They make up the majority of the guild usually. They have no power other than just being a part of the family, but that doesn’t make them any less important. A member is the same as anyone in the guild. Ranks do not discriminate family.

Fundamentals of a Guild:
You can speak to other guild members by typing /g then just typing normally. (Example: /g Hey guys! What’s up?)
You can do runs together, and level up your members. Remember, leave no one behind.
You can build up a strong officer core you trust, then expand from there. Fresh talent and good people are always out there.

What NOT to do in a Guild:
Do NOT mass boot members. It’ll lead to hatred and you’ll never be trusted again.
Do NOT spam the guild chat. Guilds are families, but even families can get ticked off.
Do NOT poach members from other guilds. They have a family, don’t bother them.

What I Feel a Good Guild is Made of:
Members of ALL levels. I don’t believe in a level requirement. Why? Because if no new players can find a guild, then who will teach them the right way? Will they grow in the game to become trolls, beggars, and scammers?

Members you work with. Don’t just poach, Why? Because they have families. They worked with that member. How is that fair to their guild to work hard with their members, to grow with them and become friends, to get them taken away? I know I wouldn’t like that, they won’t like that, don’t do it.
A good combination. Have people from all fields. Diversity is key. It leads to anyone feeling like an equal, everyone has the same opportunity.

In Conclusion:
Guilds are families you work with, share a connection with, share good times with, become frirends with.

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    There are more guild titles like Combatant. Don’t forget to add the different guild halls.

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    How do I find the guild list? Names of guilds etc….

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