Arcane Legends Currency Guide

Arcane Legends Currency Guide by TheMiraclebird

This is an in-depth guide about all the different types of currency we have in Arcane Legends. Currently we have 4 types of currency: Gold, Platinum, Story tokens & Hauntlet coins. Read further to find out what they are, how to get them and how to spend each.


Gold is the basic currency. This is the gold coloured coin in your inventory. You can trade gold, sell an item for gold, buy an item with gold and even buy gold itself by spending platinum. Gold can be very hard to earn at low levels because you dont need very much gold because so the game automatically supplies you with a certain amount at the start of the game so you can buy potions.

There are various ways to earn gold, one of them is by completing quests – this is the best way to earn gold at low levels, usually the storyline quests pay more than the daily quests. You can also farm for items like the elite pinks, then sell them for high amounts of gold, this requires patience but can make you rich in no time! Merchanting is also an option, check out mine or Zao’s guides. Gold pieces also drop in dungeons from monsters, barrels and chests. You can alternatively buy gold for platinum, 100 plat = 100,000 gold – this is a fast way to get gold but this kills the economy so I wouldnt recommend it.

There are lots of things in Arcane Legends that you could spend your gold on such as buying items from auction or directly from a player. Pet food costs gold depending on their level so feeding your L16 pet will be costly so switch pets out! When listing items in auction/CS there is a listing fee. You can also buy potions with gold – if you are in a guild use the guild hall discounted potions vendor, if you are in a town, buy potions from the tavern. If you are feeling generous, you can give away gold to another player.

Gold tips:
● Spend gold wisely, it takes a long time to earn gold but takes just a second to lose it all.
● Only engage in trades that fit in the trade box – this means avoid selling guilds, giving items and expecting them back etc.
●Switch out pets to save gold!
● If you are a low level, do not spend your gold on items that you can wear out of in an hour.


Platinum is the real-life money brought currency. This is the most valued currency as you can buy a lot of things. This is the silverish colour coin in your inventory. Platinum is NOT and I repeat NOT tradeable.

There are 3 ways to earn platinum:

1. The classic buy. Spend your real life money to buy a certain amount of platinum – it deducts the cash from your credit card and puts the platinum in your account. Theres not much to say about buying it, just make sure you arent broke by buying platinum.

2. The free platinum earning. You can complete free offers by W3I to earn platinum, you have to download applications on your phone and launch the app, then the platinum is added to your account, this is very slow because offers are mostly paying out 1 platinum per app but hey its free! Check out loadens guide.

3. The forum contests. There are forum contests atleast once every month which you could enter for a chance to win platinum!

There are lots of ways to spend platinum:
– Buy character/auction/inventory slots
– Buy pets, this is a great way to get pets if you dont want to farm
– Buy elixirs, enchantments that boost stats
– Buy gold, 25 plat = 25000, 50 plat = 50000, 100 plat = 100000.
– Buying guild charter and guild hall.- Revives and invincibility when you die in battle.
– Bundles, Founder chests.
– Character respec.
– Bypass daily ally timer.
– Character renames.

Platinum tips:
● Dont buy items with platinum if you can buy them with gold!
● Do not get fooled by someone selling/trading/buying platinum, it is untradeable and those people are most likely scammers!

Hauntlet coins:

Hauntlet coins are special coins that are untradeable. These coins are purple/blueish in your satchel (in inventory).

These can be earnt by completing the upper hauntlet within a set time of 3 Minutes and 30 seconds. They can also be received through the ally and daily chests – it is a rare chance. are 2 daily quests that will award you 1 hauntlet coin each, the quest NPCs are algernon and Bertrum the ghost.

Hauntlet coins can be spent on amulets and rings, valdor can exchange hauntlet coins for amulets and rings for you, however if youre looking for good rings and amulets, you can buy them with gold from the auction. They can also be spent on pets – this is the best choice if you want to spend your coins, the hauntlet pets are koko = for 100 coins, shiloh = 250 coins. These are great pets and I would choose these over the rings and amulets.

Hauntlet coin tips:
● If you are with a good team, then as well as farming coins, you can try and get the 90sec haunted title!
● If you have both hauntlet pets and have extra coins, dont buy the amulets and rings – save the coins for later content.

Story Tokens:

Story tokens are special tokens that are also untradeable. They are yellow/brownish coins in your satchel in your inventory. This is the easiest currency to obtain.
These can be earnt by completing the daily Bard’s story quests. There are 3 bard NPCs, strasz the bard in windmoore tavern offers 2 quests where you can get 2 story tokens, kincaid the bard in travelers outpost offers 1 quest where you can get 1 story token and dunn the bard in Kraag tavern offers 1 quest where you can get 1 story token. So 4 story tokens a day. You can also receive these tokens by the ally and daily rewards – rare chance.

Story tokens can be spent on equipment and pets. The NPC arabel can exchange your story tokens into equipment. There are also 3 great pets which you can obtain by spending story tokens: Deston = 50, Meep-Moop = 100 and Colton = 200. Pets are better than the equipment so save up for them.

Story tokens tips:
● If you have enough tokens, buy meep or colton instead of deston as they give more stats.
● Save up for future contents if you have the pets or equips you need.

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