Arcane Legends Boss Tips and Strategies Guide

Arcane Legends Boss Tips and Strategies Guide by Cahaun

Hello! I’d like to introduce this small guide based on the bosses and tough guys found in Arlor.

Overall, all of them have a weakness and that weakness is for us to exploit. I’m doing this to help others play better with what I have found when fighting them. Let’s get started now shall we?

Name: Stabb
Found in: Brackenridge Forest (1-1)

This guy is your first boss and he isn’t too hard to beat. Things to note is that his melee is pretty damaging so stay out of the red area when it pops up and be aware that he charges targets out of range. Take advantage of the health packs he occasionally drops from his pockets to heal yourself and make sure to kill his two servants to ease up on how much damage you’ll take. He shouldn’t give low levels too much of a problem.

Name: Krax Wildstorm
Found in: Brackenridge Aqueducts (1-2)

The second boss encounter with a definite increase in difficulty. This is a goblin sorcerer with a few comrades so always expect ranged attacks. Krax also shoots out some flame attacks so avoid the red area warnings. The twist with this boss is that there’s also poison spilt over the ground and that he heals himself by a pretty big amount if not dealt with fast. He also drops med packs so use them if caught by the blast attacks or just low on health.

Name: Jarl of Brackenridge
Found in: Village (1-3)

This boss is destined to give lower levels a load of trouble if they just charge straight at him. He’s big and so is his arm despite his strong like of drinking.
The main goal you should focus on is the mobs that surround him in two groups. The first group is around 6 goblins with a few archers. Take them out without alerting the Jarl. (This can be done by going back to the boardwalk entrance). After taking out that group, get a warrior to distract the Jarl long enough to get your rogues and sorcerers to slip past into the second group. After that is all done, you should probably heal the warrior if he doesn’t dodge the heavy sword swipes from the Jarl. Just keep your tank healed or run around for your own to survive the rest of the battle. The rest is just unloading the damage.

Name: Thunk One-Eye
Found in: Village (1-3)

Two bosses in one map? Yup. The Jarl isn’t the only one brewing up trouble in the village and the leader of the band here is a tough goblin archer.
The best way to kill him is to kill him before his goblins burst out from the houses. He can pack a punch with his blast shot so stay out of the red area! (It stuns you along with the heavy damage so it really is advisable to avoid this at all costs) The reinforcement mob is largely made of archers and spearmen so go around the fountain and pick up the health packs if you feel overwhelmed. Once you kill Thunk, the goblins will stop respawning into the battle.

Name: Ghul Bellybottom
Found in: Gold Mine (1-4)

Prepare for a big fight if it’s your first time at him. Ghul is the goblin overlord of the area and the mysterious portal is giving him immense power.
Since this is where people get stuck the most I’ll break this into two groups: Regular strategy and my personal strategy.

If you only have a rogue or warrior, this fight can take a while. Ghul’s power gives him a really tough shell and takes damage really slowly in that state. (He also packs a punch so running around while he is empowered is effective at times) Once he gets exhausted and his shield drops, return the favor and put as much damage as you can before he recharges at the portal. Be aware that Stabb, Krax, and Thunk will appear if you take too long to kill him! The only advantage of fighting four bosses is the chance of getting better loot but with higher risks of dying.
If you want the achievement “Speed Slayer”, you must kill Ghul before the third henchman appears. Luckily, I took a study into him and found his weakness. Be aware that you need a mage that has the Ice Bolt skill for this to work! After Ghul drops the shield for the first time, that mage needs to spam freeze him the instant he moves for the portal! While he is frozen in place and cannot move, everyone needs to kill him quickly before the mage runs out of mana! (Potions are still good to have) That’s the best way I’ve found to defeat this boss.

Name: Stahl
Found in: Ydra Outskirts (2-1)

Easily the most frustrating boss to beat, Stahl is extremely infamous for being able to kill mages and rogues in just two swipes which just happen to be ranged too! He hops around the map into different poison spills so either be ready to ambush his escape route or he’ll have an opprotunity to throw his spikes at you again. Fortunately he has a lower armor and health amount from the rest to balance it out. (Reminds me of the Shadow Witch in PL a bit) I managed to compile a little bit of things that could help you fight this beast and get the Precise Perambulator achievement at the same time. Because this boss is one of the top notched ones like Ghul, this’ll be yet another long one. (Sorry to all you guys who like small sentences)
Warriors have the best chances at beating this guy mostly because they don’t die in two hits. A great skill to have is the throwing Axe with the chain perk attached to it. This pulls Stahl from the poison he just loves to stand in into the warriors swinging distance. Buff, heal, and smash this ninja to death before he kills you.
Rogues have the hardest time with this guy because… well they just die in two seconds here. I strongly recommend that you activate the blades shield with the +10 dodge perk just as you get in his range. The dodo also gives an additional +10 dodge if you have one so use it with the skill for a big chance to avoid his initial attack. Smoke is vital against him as it disorients him and gives you armor. (Remember to stay off the poison) Hit him hard and fast if you want to conserve your potions and sanity.
Mages are in-between with this. They have a better fighting chance than the rogues but are still squishy against Stahl. The shield is great at first entry so use this as an advantage. Have your heal at the ready and hit him hard with the nuke spells. One thing that turns the table just happens to be the… Ice Bolt. Yup. This skill is a beast I tell you. By now you should know what to do next.
If you have any other questions for this boss, just pm me or ask me from below in the comment section.

Name: Mother
Found in: Rook’s Hideout (2-2)

Now this is an interesting boss encounter. The entire strategy around this boss isn’t about the skills you use but by where you are… Intriguing isn’t it? To effectively kill this big momma, you gotta be in the right spot at the right time or you’ll end up spun in a web next to Ribbit.
This is usable by all classes so this isn’t going to be as long. A brief summary of this boss is that it’s the biggest spider you’ll ever want to see. (Silly necromancers) She is ranged and can put out a big bite that’s powerful enough to put more than a dent in a warrior.
First thing to know is to NEVER try to run away. She’ll shoot out a web that is similar to the warriors’ throwing Axe and then bite your head off. Second thing you need to know is to avoid being trampled by the momma after she screeches. More heavy damage if you just stand there. The best thing to do when fighting this boss is by staying as close as you can behind the boss! That’s it! Stay close and always stay alert for when she screeches or attempts to do a heavy bite.

Name: Klutus
Found in: Ydra Forest (2-3)

This is a big and very strong troll. Luckily you don’t need just fire to take him down, but he still takes a lot of damage due to his high health pool.
He attacks with different charged strikes that all do heavy damage. The ones that do the most damage are generally the easiest to dodge while there are some that cover more area than others. The key with taking him down is by staying in the safe areas (mostly just behind him) and continually cutting him down. Because he uses only charged attacks, having a high leveled goat can distract lots of his attacks and knock him onto the ground.

Name: Becquila
Found in: Ydra Forest (2-3)

The master of the troll Klutus and a higher rank than the rest of the necromancers. Becquila is powerful when it comes to magic and can travel to different areas safely to get some range between her and her next target.
Becquila starts out standing next to the caged in troll. After approaching the cage, Klutus with smash it open and lumber after you with an oversized stick. It’s best to retreat to the previous intersection and fight Klutus there before starting this boss battle. (See previous boss for hints and tips on the troll Klutus)
After defeating Klutus, Becquila will be easier to fight while she commands here dead pet troll to attack you. She is like any other necromancer except that she can transport to different places and packs an even bigger punch with her charged spells and normal attacks. I recommend a quick and brutal strike at her. The best way to defeat her cleanly is by doing it as fast as possible. Use stuns and knock-downs to prevent her from using her escape spell and making the fight take longer.

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