Arcane Legends Basic Gameplay Information

Arcane Legends Basic Gameplay Information by MuffinMuch

Basic Ingame Information:

Current ingame max character level: Level 16 (Free platinum from 2-8)

Town Maps: Windmoore, Traveler’s Outpost, Great City of Kraag (has market place)
PvE Maps (first 8 have elite maps also) Brackenridge Forest, Village, Aqueducts, Gold mine, Ydra Outskirts, Rooks’ Hideout, Ydra Forest, Rooks’ Next, Watcher’s Tomb 1-3, Hauntlet, Kaarg tombs 1-3
Elite Maps: Available at level 15 and can access by going to your map and clicking elite on bottom right.

Daily Reward: 1000 Coins + Elixer/Story Coin, 5th day chance for Legendary pet, horton.
Daily Ally: Shazbot (1000 coins every 24 hours)
Daily Quests: Windmore Tavern (Strasz the Bard), Traveler’s Outpost (Kincaid the Bard), Great City of Kraag (Dunn the Bard)

Guild Charter: 20 platinum or 50,000 gold
Guild Hall: 50 platinum (3 choices; Forest stone, Mystic Manor, Shadow Hold) In karrag you can preview them.

Leaderboard: The leaderboard will be done in seasons (current: season 1) and the winner of the season will receive a special prize. At the end of the season the rankings will be reset allowing others to try to get to the top. More information about the Leaderboard will be posted on Arcane Legends announcements.

Stat Points: (Obtain 6 per level)
Warrior – (Strength: Damage, Bonus Damage %, Health) (Dexterity: Dodge, Critical) (Intelligence: Mana)
Rogue – (Strength: Health) (Dexterity: Damage
Sorcerer – (Strength: Health) (Dexterity: Dodge, Critical) (Intelligence: Damage, Bonus Damage %, Mana)
Tip for Leveling your accounts is to no matter what the class put into Strength because Dex,Int do not give enough bonus when you put skill points into them. Better off getting armor with dex,int on them.

Basic Pet Information

Current ingame max pet level: Level 16
Current amount of ingame pets: 36 (19 rare, 8 epic 9 legendary)
Best Pet Happiness bonus: Malison – Found in elite rooks nest (+20 STR, +20 DEX, +20 INT, +5% Crit)

Timber (Happiness Bonus: +5 Damage)
Rare: (Price: 9000gold)

Precious (Happiness Bonus: 10 dex and +5% dodge)
Rare: (Price: 9000gold)

Guapo (Happiness Bonus: +5% movement speed)
Rare: (Price: 9000gold)

Rocky (Happiness Bonus: Recieve +15 STR)
Rare: (Obtained with quest completion – Gold Mine)

Cider (Happiness Bonus: Recieve +5% Damage)
Rare: (Obtained with quest completion – Rook’s Nest)

Dauphin (Happiness Bonus:
Rare: (Obtained with quest completion – )

Platinum Information:

Name Change & Respec

Character Name Change: 30 platinum
Pet Name Change: 2 platinum
Character respec (resets both skills and stats): 5 platinum

Platinum Costs per package (usd): + tax from each sale

10 plat – $1.99
30 plat – $4.99
75 plat – $9.99
165 plat – $19.99
600 plat – $49.99
1700 plat – $89.99

Current cash shop items:

Founder’s Mystery Chest – 2500 Coins
Founder’s Jewelry Chest – 3 platinum
Founder’s Armor Chest – 7 platinum
Founder’s Helmet Chest – 7 platinum
Founder’s Weapon Chest – 10 platinum

+50% XP Elixer 15min – 2 platinum
+25% Speed Elixer 15min- 2 platnium
+25% Damage Elixer 15min – 2 platinum
+15% Damage Reduction Elixer 15min – 2 platinum
+25% Loot reroll Elixer 15min – 2 platinum
Combo Elixer 60min (50%dmg, 50%luk, +25% speed, +15% armor, +50% exp) – 35 platinum
XP Exlixer 7 Day (+50% xp) – 60 platinum

Heraldic Bundle (1 armor, 1 weapon, 1 helmet rare for YOUR class) – 10 platinum

Buy Gold:

50,000 Gold – 50 platinum
100,000 Gold – 100 platinum
500,000 Gold – 500 platinum


-Level 5 (Title: Experienced)
-Level 10
-Level 15 (Title: Gifted)
-5 Skill Points
-10 Skill Points
-15 Skill Points (Title: Skilled)
-500 APs (Title: Hero)
-5k APs (Title: Exemplar)

-First Quest (Title: Freelancer)
-Brackenridge Village
-Rooks’ Nest
-The Watcher’s Tomb
-The Kaarg Crypts
-Love Struck – ONLY AVALIABLE AT GAME LAUNCH (Title: Love Struck)
-Hauntlet Runner
-Haunted (Title: Haunted)
-Hauntlet Exorcising
-Revenant (Title: Reveenant)
-Wraith (Title: Wraith)
-100 pve kills
-500 pve kills
-1000 pve kills
-5000 pve kills
-10000 pve kills (Title: Elite)

-Krax Wildstorm
-Thunk Third-Eye
-Speed Slayer
-Precise Perambulator
-Brained Before Beauty
-The Fist of Destiny
-Stabb [Elite]
-Krax Wildstorm [Elite]
-Jarl [Elite]
-Thunk Third-Eye [Elite]
-Speed Slayer [Elite]
-Precise Perambulator [Elite]
-Mother [Elite]
-Brained Before Beauty [Elite]
-The Fist of Destiny [Elite]

-1 Flag
-10 Flags
-50 Flags
-100 Flags
-500 Flags
-1000 Flags (Title: Champion)
-5000 Flags
-10000 Flags
-10 Pvp Kills
-100 Pvp Kills
-500 Pvp Kills
-1000 Pvp Kills (Title: Gladiator)
-5000 Pvp Kills
-10000 Pvp Kills (Title: Warmonger)

-500 Gold
-1000 Gold
-5000 Gold
-10000 Gold
-50000 Gold
-100000 Gold
-Merchant (Title: Merchant)
-Auctioneer (Title: Auctioneer)

-Guild Charter

Question & Answers

Question: When can we expect a full release for arcane legends for Android & iOS?
Answer: You can expect full android/chrome release this week (nov 12,2012). After a period of full andriod/chrome release you can expect iOS release but no exact date is given,

Question: Are you able to change your pet name?
Answer: Yes, Every new pet you obtain will have ONE free name change. Afterwards it costs 2 platinum

Question: Can my pet name be taken?
Answer: No, pet names are what ever you wish. Pet names are not reserved.

Question: Are weapons and armor class based?
Answer: Yes, If you are a warrior you can only use warrior based items.

Question: Is their a platinum-pack in Arcane legends?
Answer: No, Currently AL does not offer a package like PL with platinum. See platinum list above for all items.

Question: Is their free platinum offers?
Answer: Yes, Platinum for free available via Trial pay and W3i. Also two free platinum free by liking arcane legends on facebook.

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