AirMech Tips and Tricks

AirMech Tips and Tricks by Otakuma

Me and Spoot put together a list of things that might not immediately be apparent to the player.

NOTE: GUNDAM refers to the default fighter with the land special energy sword equipped.

#1: Shooting stuff on the same level: You have to be on the ground to shoot units on the ground, can’t shoot em from the air. Same with Air units, you have to be in the air to shoot them. Only bombers and choppers can hit things on the ground from the air with their air specials (refer to my AM guide), nothing else. Autoaim has been fixed for groundmechs, so their guns will actually hit units up and down cliffs, but not other mechs.

#2: Selling Units: AKA recycling. Hold space over a base with the unit you want to sell in tow. A bar will appear with a recycling symbol to indicate you’re doing it right. Can sell multiple units at once. You get 100% refund from selling units.

#2b: Cancelling units in queue: You are able to cancel the units in the queue for a full refund by clicking the box on top of the main building window that says “clear building que” or hit backspace on the KB.

#3: Picking up multiple units: on the ground: Hold space bar while passing over the units on the ground to pick up multiple. If you’re carrying one or more units, press spacebar, which will drop one unit, but keep holding and it will pick up from there on. Over base: Easier, since you just push space and your mech will always pick up a unit, or hold it to get up to 3.

#4: Repairing units manually: Pick up the damaged units and hover over a base with them to repair them manually.

#5: Number Keys are shortcuts to buying units: Not the num pad, only the ones on the top of the keyboard. For specific numbers take a look into the customize army window. The numbers in the corner of each tile are the shortcut to that tile in-game.

#6: Purchasing multiple units: Can either mash their num key, or right click on the icon in the purchase screen (brought up by Q or scroll down with mouse). Some button does this for gamepads.

#7: Xan’s awesome turn speed: The UFO is the only AirMech that can turn its guns instantly. Highly useful for dogfights.

#8: Infantry panic speed: Infantry run faster when targeted. Useful when taking protected Outposts.

#INFINITY: Bucky: It is absolutely useless.

If you have any more non-obvious, but very useful techniques, please post them and I will include them and give you credit.

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