AirMech Chopper Strategies and Counters Guide

AirMech Chopper Strategies and Counters Guide by superecnate


1. Missiles

~ First rule of Chopper training is not to talk about Chopper training

~ Second rule of Chopper training is to never use A2A missiles against airborne targets. Remember that A2A are slow, any Mech besides the Chopper can outrun them; that means that they will be ineffective against Mechs at full speed, when you see an airborne Mech, use your guns.

~ The opposite is true when you are in the air, and the enemy is on the ground. Get ready, pwnage drop incoming. Since they can’t really evade the missiles, they’ll take a significant amount of damage, in the early game, this can kill by itself, later on, you’ll need to supplement this with a side of AA, or they’ll just run off.

~ Never spam the missiles when you are not directly over an outpost. You have such meager energy reserves you won’t kill anything without them being full, and just about every shot hitting. Over an outpost, again, you’ll only want to use A2A on grounded targets.

~ Something very important, and yet nobody uses is the fact that ground missiles go around corners. If you see a tank rush, fire from the other side of a cliff, or around an oupost, and you’ll do phenomenal damage, without taking a single shot. This is especially useful when the enemy brings some AA.


~ Remember above all, stay close to an outpost, you’re like a mad toddler, your thrashing and annoyingness can do a lot of damage, but you won’t survive long without the embrace of an outpost.

2. Armor

~ Armor is important because of the meer fact that you can survive longer on the ground, killing tanks, and other units; and you can survive longer in the air away from your outpost.

3. Carrying Capacity

~ Carrying isn’t the Chopper’s shining strength, the Osprey has more, and has plenty of armor; but you should still feel free to exploit the ability to carry loads of Geminis right up to their base.

~ I would, however, recommend investing in this after missiles, but it depends on your style if you want to get this before armor. Just note that this is really only useful if you play offensively, but you can use it to micro-heal your defenses if you’d like.

~ It’s still pretty useful later in the game, though.

4. General Stratagies

~ Assault the middle base with your allies. Since you aren’t a dogfighter, and are handicapped at dog fighting away from an outpost, you’ll need help from you allies, although they probably won’t hesitate to help take the middle anyway. Once you take the middle, defend it with you life, and keep the map belonging to you while you allies assemble an offensive force.

~ Take part in all your team’s pushes. The enemy will likely go to the ground to attack your push, when they do that, punish them mercilessly from the air. Also, if they have a lot of defense, use your missiles to wipe those defenses off the map.

Fighting a Chopper

1. Missiles, again

~ Don’t go to ground mode unless you either have a death wish, or are facing me; in which case, I’d prefer you to have Ken when you do go to ground mode in front of me. Anyway, you are safe to go to ground mode if it is early in the match and they don’t have missiles yet.

~ Don’t send out a tank push against a Chopper-held area unsupported by AirMechs. The Chopper’ll just mess up your day, and especially the days of the Tank commanders.

~ If you can, strafe around a Chopper, its missiles will barely touch you.

~ As long as you are moving at full speed, and in the air, missiles are only a minor threat. Remember, they’ll be slower than you if you’re not in a Chopper.

~ e. If you need to be in ground mode, put terrain (best case), or a unit (not as good) in between the Chopper and yourself.
> For example, if you are standing right up against an outpost, with the Chopper right above the outpost, the outpost will will shield you from the missiles as you slaughter innocent units en masse.


2. Speed

~ Remember, the Chopper cannot chase you down, so you can stay near one for longer than you can stay by a Neo.

~ Chopper won’t be able to instantly teleport to another outpost, inf drop another outpost, and cap it before the Chopper arrives.

~ When ninja’ing the MB, remember that the Chopper will be the last to arrive, and will force you out of there. Beware a Chopper and Neo team, as the Chopper will force you to the air, and the Neo’ll chase you down.

Now I hope you get something out of this Guide, as I’ve included both the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Chopper.

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