Age of Wushu New Player’s Basic Guide

Age of Wushu New Player’s Basic Guide by Pyre


Each character in Age of Wushu embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery. But before you can look to the future, you must reflect on your past. Are you an orphan, searching for your lost sibling? Or perhaps, an amnesiac, survivor of an onslaught that left you unable to recall what drives your pursuers to seek your end so mercilessly. Whichever drama you choose, it will shape your journey through the realms of Jianghu.

Character Creation

After choosing your character’s gender, face, hairstyle, and starting outfit, you’ll be able to choose a name and enter the world of Jianghu. Be sure to check out our naming policy if you’re unsure about a name’s acceptability.

Control Method

Upon entering the world, you’ll find yourself in town presented with a choice of control schemes. Both use the WASD and Space keys on your keyboard for movement, but mouse controls and strafing vary in use:

Experienced MMO players will find this method familiar. While Q and E allow you to strafe, you can also do so by pressing A and D while holding down the right mouse button to steer, or you can Move & Steer by holding both mouse buttons.

Age of Wushu Special Mode
This movement method includes click-to-move, and allows you to face in all directions. This mode frees you from traditional facing restrictions, and is especially useful when faced with highly-mobile opponents.

First Steps

Once you’ve picked a movement style, you are presented with your first game goals: introduce yourself to a local citizen and learn about experience, cultivation, and potential. Click “Return” to close the window; you can reopen it by clicking the book with a large question mark on its cover, found near the mini-map in the upper-right corner of the game window.

You can easily navigate to most objectives by clicking their name in the Task Tracker, found just below the mini-map. Click on the name of the citizen whom you must speak with to begin your adventure; you will automatically run to the Non-Player Character (NPC) and begin a conversation. If you prefer to find them manually, the Area Map is a useful tool; click its icon near the mini-map, or press M. Once you’ve opened the Area Map, numbers on the map will correspond with the task objectives listed on the right side.

Click the various conversation threads until you have learned all you can from the NPC, at which time you’ll be directed to another. At various points in your early gameplay, the game window will darken save for an area or icon highlighted by a flashing arrow. These tutorials serve to aid you in learning various portions of the User Interface. Keenly observe their directions, which will be useful throughout your time in Age of Wushu. Eventually, you’ll make your way to the local dojo to begin your Kung Fu training.

Martial Arts Training

In the dojo, you will be provided with a number of books to study; each book will teach a new skill that will be fundamental to your survival until you join a school and begin learning their techniques. Speak to the NPC with a golden scroll above their head, until one of their comrades displays a crossed-sword icon of their own. Get ready to defend yourself! Hold down the right mouse button to parry your opponent’s assault.

When the icon over the head of the Shifu (teacher) turns gold, you have completed your objective. Continue training, listening carefully to the instructions of the dojo staff to get the sense of their teachings. When you have proven yourself as a student, you are sent back out into the world.

Puffed up with pride from your seemingly easy success, your next task appears trivial. Unfortunately, things are not always as they seem, and you quickly find yourself in over your head. If you don’t want to end up like your new friends, you’d better find a way back to town. Luckily, one of your companions left an amazing prize: your first flying skill! Escape is within reach once you’ve learned Skyward Feint Step.

Not one to dwell on your recent hardship, your teacher sends you out to find citizens in need. Complete the various gold scroll quests offered to you, until your teacher is satisfied that you are worthy of further Martial Arts training.

You now find yourself at a pivotal juncture; once a member of one the eight Martial Arts schools, there is no going back. Your oath binds you for life, so choose carefully. The local coachman can provide basic information on each of the schools, including their reputation, and the various skill sets taught in their dojos. Once you’ve decided who you will pledge your allegiance to, ask the Coachman to help you find a Shifu; he will transport you to the gates of your chosen school.

Fair travels and good luck!

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