Age of Wushu Kidnapping Guide

Age of Wushu Kidnapping Guide by Snail Games

One of the more intriguing features in Age of Wushu revolves around the Offline Mode. Opposed to many traditional games, in Age of Wushu when you log out of the game, your online avatar begins to live on without you as an NPC. Once offline these players are able to accumulate silver and experience for the player when they log back in. But we aren’t here to talk about the and added bonuses of being AFK, we will be delving into the fun for those that are still logged in.

Unfortunately, the bonus of gaining XP offline comes with a risk. When the player logs off and converts their avatar into an NPC , they can become prey for the more nefarious players that inhabit Jianghu. For those who wish to throw caution (not to mention their sacred beliefs of their school) to the wind and focus on solely on their own ill-gotten gains, these players can follow an easy set of steps to kidnap these poor, helpless offline players.

Step 1: Always be Prepared
Just as one cannot simply walk into Mordor, you can’t just walk up to an offline player and say, “Get into this sack, please. Thank You.” As in all battles, you need to come prepared. There are unique knockout powders sold in the General Stores around Jianghu . Properly used, these potions cause the unsuspecting victim NPC to become dizzy and ultimately, pass out.

Step 2: Find an Offline Player
With the knockout powder procured, you must first find an target. Thankfully, an offline NPC is easy to recognize. Their names appear the same as a player’s name, but are seen performing a task off-line (sweeping, patrolling, performing in a square, shouting constantly about a store, etc.). Now that you have found an “Offliner” the fun begins

Step 3: Kidnapping
There are two ways to initiate,

1. Simply target the offline player and click the powder or
2. Right-click on the avatar of the offliner and selecting kidnap (then click the powder).
If successful, your character will blow the powder into the face of the character and they will conveniently pass out into a large black bag for you to pick up. This isn’t a 100% guarantee, though. Other factors must be considered before attempting to participate in the kidnapping lifestyle, such as the strength of the knockout powder or the strength of the player being kidnapped. Few things are as embarrassing for a player than being caught paralyzed in the middle of a big city after a failed attempt to knock out another player. That warning aside, you now are in the curious position of carrying an unconscious human, hidden inside a bag thrown over your shoulder. This is a bit conspicuous, to say the least. So, the first step of the kidnapping is done, what must be done for you to reap the benefits of your villainous undertaking …

Step 4: RUN
Congratulations, you are now a practicing kidnapper!. This comes with the upside of criminal gains, but it also has its drawbacks. In addition to losing a bit of movement speed (you are carrying a person in a bag over your shoulder, after all) your avatar will now have a floating icon following you around and clearly marking you wherever you decide to go.
This icon is visible to all players and signals to them that you are kidnapping someone. Not only are there noble heroes out to stop your evil ways, BUT SO ARE OTHER KIDNAPPERS. Every player you encounter from now until that bag is off your shoulder poses a threat. It is up to you to find a location to turn your captive in too before someone catches you for good or evil reasons.

Step 5: Making Money
There are many locations around the region that you can sell a character too. You won’t be able to transport a body outside of the region that you captured someone in. So if you really enjoy selling to a pharmacist in Suzhou, you can’t bring a kidnapped role from Chengdu over. Some areas won’t take your package too. You can’t sell a person back to the store or business you took them from. Once you finally make it to a location of your desire, simply talk to the NPC in charge of that establishment and make the deal. Various stats and other factors will determine how much money you will get from that transaction too. And then, you are finished and free to roam around the world again. An important note, there are specific NPCs that will give you a kidnapping task at certain times. They will give you a specific type of person to search out and kidnap for a special reward.

Kidnapping isn’t for everyone. You should avoid kidnapping if you wish to be someone important in a school with a Justice Code. Shaolin, Emei, Wudang, and the Beggars frown upon the act of Kidnapping and it can prevent you from becoming stronger within those disciplines. The good news is, if you are remorseful, there is an option to give in to your conscience and give up the kidnapping at no penalty. Simply abandon the kidnapping and all will be forgiven. You do earn respect if you are members of these schools and prevent kidnappings.

Now that you know the basics to one of the most devious methods in the game, will you be a kidnapper or still fight for the good of the world in Age of Wushu?

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