Age of Wushu Guild Castle Information

Age of Wushu Guild Castle Information by meng

So we finally get our guild castle today! Here’s some information I pulled from Chinese sites hope to help us along.

1. Castle Size: the Castle comes in three size. It start out as small and we can expand it at the guild administrator just like how we purchased it. If you look at the lay out you can clearly see the castle is divided into 3 areas. Right now we can MOVE into the 2nd and 3rd area, however we can not UPGRADE the BUILDINGS in them. After expanding to them those building will come to life.

2 Buildings: there are many different buildings in our castle each with its own function. They all start out at lv0 and we need to get them to at least lv1 for it to start working. Here’s the list of them:
2.1: First Area (open now)
2.1.1: Main Hall: it’s the center of the castle, it’s function is to spread out influence around the land. Right now it’s in game as “territory occupation size” in the 4th tab in guild window. We need higher influence to be able to expand the castle, if the hall’s level is too low we will lose influence and the castle will go into period of decline (like it is in right now) and lose size. ALSO we need to level the main hall first because all other building can only be leveled up to its level.
2.1.2 Council Hall: it’s here we can declare war and make peace with other guild. The formal guild war is quite complex and will be explained later.
2.1.3 Practice site: members of the guild can get a buff to conversion here at cost of guild contribution points. The number of buffs is quite limited.
2.1.4 Treasury: members with high enough active value will be able to earn GOLD income here each week. Yes, the real gold that we need to buy with real $$
2.1.5 Library(ies) : there’s 2 libraries, one help members to culture skills, the other one helps with crafting skills.
2.1.6 Warehouse : stores mats for upgrading the castle.
2.1.7 Stable: enable a member to take stagecoach to local and long distance points
2.2: Second Area (closed now)
2.2.1 Arena: learn guild array and guild kungfu, not in game yet.
2.2.2 Wooden Dummy: help members to train external skills (kungfu moves)
2.2.3 Plum Stake: help member to train flying skill
2.2.4 Gathering Hall: hire NPCs to help defend the castle in guild wars.
2.2.5 Pavilion: No function in itself, in guild war it become the only UN-capable teleport point to underground.*see guildwar info in the future
2.3 Third area(close now)
2.3.1 Contemplation Room: help members to train internal skills
2.3.2 Secret Device Room: make traps to help defend in guild war
2.3.3 Treasure Room: store guild key items that gives guild wide buffs.

3. Upgrading buildings: we have all the building in place as soon as we get the castle, but they are just placeholder for now. We need to upgrade them to lv1 before they start working. That’s a 2 step process:
First, in the 3rd tab in guild window we have the building drawings(blueprints), we need to donate to fill up the blueprint, and draw it.(Drawing takes time, lv0>lv1 takes a few hours, lv1>lv2 just over a day)
Then we need to run to the actual size of the building and talk to the NPC named “[building name] doorplate”, and donate to him to fill that actual construction, and after that’s filled we can start the construction, which takes about the same length of time as drawing blueprints.
*note: lv0 buildings can not be burn down any further, so before we level any building there’s no need to defend.
**while the building itself don’t change model after upgrade, the interior do become better, see if you can spot the difference.

4. War and stuff: there’s two main kind of attacks on a castle: sneak attack and open guild war.
4.1 Sneak attacks: you take a torch and try to burn the buildings down. Since the castle is open 24/7, you can go in that’s already owned and start burning anytime, but the enemy guild will most likely teleport back to defend. More over every guild with a castle can cast a vote to choose some guild’s castle as target of the week. On saturday evening the top 3 castles will be announced. Everyone can go sneak attack on them for the event.
4.1.1 To defend against sneak attack, members need to teleport back to the castle ASAP and kill the attacker. They also need to have the water bucket to put out fires the attackers may have set up already. Building on fire take damage over time, and if damage reach 100% the build will lose level.
4.2 Guild war: guilds in war can declare castle siege on each other. A time will be set and it will be a multi-stage battle of epic scale. I will write about it in detail in the future.

Well, that’s about what i found about castle so far. I translated them all on the spot by myself so excuse all the many mistakes I made. I hope this information can help the leaderships to plan for upgrading our castle and help our member to enjoy the game better. Thanks.

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