Age of Wushu Green Cloud Castle Guide

Age of Wushu Green Cloud Castle Guide by SushiSavior

I ran GCC with some guild mates late yesterday, and we were able to get through the first three bosses before some of us had to log off.

Requirement: 6 man array
Suggested Skill: Goose flying skill

The following are a few notes regarding boss skills and effective kill strategies.

Part 1: Flag Lord Boss

The instance opens up into a courtyard, most of the mobs can be skipped. Run through the first set of mobs, and up the stairs (using flying skills to avoid damage). At the top of the stairs, run to your right. Up against the wall you’ll see a set of rocks, jump up onto them and run around the side (staying on top of the rock). This will reset mob aggro.

To the NE you’ll see a small house, run to that and jump up. You now have two options:

1) Run diagonally to the house in the center, avoiding mob aggro. Run into the room, which is empty. You’ll kite the boss into the building to fight (we personally found this harder).

2) Instead of avoiding mob aggro, you’ll want to kill the static and patroling mobs around the boss (who is just in front of the building in the center of the courtyard).

Now you’ll fight the boss. He has an important passive:

– Each hit done while the boss is blocking will heal him 300 hp and cause you to lose a large portion of your internal energy.

We decided to designate one person to pure feint the boss, making it easier for the rest of us to use our array skill (only skill you want to use to damage).

As you cycle through the feints/array skill, the boss will do several important skills.

1) “In” xyz

Not sure what the full name of the skill is, but you are looking for a skill that starts with “In”. This is a high damage frontal AoE – either block or move behind him.

2) “Gather” xyz

Again, not sure about the full name but this is a short range AoE. It will turn your characters purple and setup for instant death if he casts his full damage AoE. This should be dodged every time. The most effective way is to goose backwards as soon as you see him casting it. You have about 1 second to react.

3) “De” xyz

If you see this skill, be ready for his AoE. Do not block, do not tank. As soon as you see it casting, goose backwards twice. It will be a smallish AoE around him. If you are purple while he casts this skill, the range on the AoE is vastly increased. We were never able to escape the enhanced range (hence why you must dodge the “Gather”).

If you can manage to live through the above cycles, the boss will go down fairly fast.

Part 2: Puzzles and Kiting Boss

In the next area you will see a series of bridges. You’ll need to solve 3 sudoku puzzles (all rows/columns must add to 15). The levers near the puzzles will designate a certain number. Starting at the top left corner of each puzzle (reads like a book), you must pull the lever that corresponds to the number showing (or should show to solve the puzzles) on the ground.

After you finish this, you’ll be on the next boss. You’ll need to designate a kiter (Tangman worked well for us). Make sure that your kiter uses the charge and penetrate array skill, the rest should be under unified spirits. The main group will stand in the middle of the room while the kiter runs in a circle around the group.

Three skills to beware of:

1) Sea Slow

This is a short range AoE, which is easily dodged by simply moving in a circle. Do not stop running.

2) Sand xyz

This is a distance spot AoE. As long as you keep moving, this will not hit you. Be sure you are not near the group when he casts this. The idea is to make him completely miss. If you are caught in it, you will take constant damage and be significantly slowed (no flying skill can be used inside the building).

3) Yin and Yang

This is the money skill. When you see it casted, your kiter and one random person in your party will turn colors. These two people need to stand on top of each other or take massive constant damage. Normally, the kiter the should to the center and stand ontop of the Yang designated player. Block the bosses attacks and heal. Resume kiting as normal after the duration expires.

Occassionally the boss will run up to the person with aggro and knock him down. Do not be concerned, if you’ve done the other 3 properly, you won’t take much damage and will have time to heal between his skills.

If another member of the party takes aggro, switch kiters and continue.

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