Age of Wushu Gameplay Tips

Age of Wushu Gameplay Tips by Lockheart

A little introduction from me:
Hello I’m Lockheart! I’m no expert and I’m certainly no pro at the game. I’m not even 30 Inner skill, but I think I can help you find things to do in Age of Wushu if you’ve just rolled a toon and now you’re lost and don’t know what do to.

Some information in here may be out of date, wrong, or based entirely on my opinion and I assure you this guide is intended only to be a general guideline for those of you who just need to figure out how basic activities work and where they are and what they are.

I’ll try to order everything here from the most basic to the least.

Location Codes(To find info faster use Ctrl+F then type in the letters in the brackets)
Part 1: Skills, What’s important to level and what’s not? [P1]
Part 2:How do I gain Experience so I can even level up my skills? [P2]
Part 2.5: Mini explaination on EXP and Cultivation! [P2.5]
Part 3: Spending Cultivation [P3]
Part 4: Money! Money! Money! [P4]
Part 4.5: Discipline [P4.5]
Part 5: PVP [P5]

Part 1: Skills, What’s important to level and what’s not? [P1]

In my own opinion the most important skill to be leveling is your school inner skill.

Why? Well it’s simple, your school inner skill is tied to quests in the game and certain dungeons won’t even let you in unless it’s a certain level. You can think of it as your characters level however a high inner skill does not reflect how powerful you actually are.

The School inner skill provides a few stat bonuses such as if you were leveling up in another game and allows you to accept bonuses from your gear to a certain point. This means even if you have the best weapon in the game or the best hat in the world it’s no good if your inner skill is level 1.

Note: You may only receive benefits from an internal skill you’ve “Activated” thus putting points into Self Recollection reaps you no rewards in the current state of the game as there is no reason to have it equipped or have points invested into it over your school internal skill.

Should I ever level up my abilities?
Certainly! However it’s not recommended you go over 3 for any ability until later on in the game, having abilities at level 3+ make them cost significantly more than if they were lower level and do not nessacerily put out more damage if you consider how much mana the skill will cost at that point.
The idea being “Theres no point to have the most powerful skill in the world if you don’t have the mana to use it.”

In the end there is no harm to leveling up your abilities. As a level up will always increase the abilities power subsequently improving your own.

Note: Ask your school Elders, or read the forums to find out which abilities are the best ones in your school to ensure you’re leveling up abilities that are important or more powerful than the others first.

Part 2:How do I gain Experience so I can even level up my skills? [P2]


Yes indeed, stuff. The great thing about Age of Wushu is that just about everything and anything awards experience, from jumping about like a mad man to going off and doing spy quests.

Allow me a iterate a few things that have the highest experience rewards.

Firstly, Spying Quests.

Spying quests are quests in which you must be atleast school inner level 5 to begin and which you go to other schools and steal information from offline players in the school.

If you manage to obtain 10 intelligence reports from offline players in the school you are spying on you may go back to the Exchange NPC located in your school usually infont of the Headmaster and turn them in for 160 EXP, 50 Lian in Bound Money, and a School Token.

To do Spy quests hit N to open the daily event interface and then select the School Spying task.

On the middle of that menu you’ll see the tab for Registration Sites on the bottom left portion of that section of the window will be a list of schools you can spy on listed alphabetically.

I recommend looking over to see which school is nearest that you can walk over to and doing your spy quests there if you have not taken the Weekly spying task which gives detective tokens that teleport you to the registration sites for each school. (But you might aswell take the weekly anyways.)

When you do collect 10 intelligence reports not that the turn-in NPC is not the same as the registration NPC the end NPC is located back at your school by the headmaster. Generally.

1.) This list is where you can select what school you wish to spy on. When you select a school the panel next to the list will change with the location of the NPC you must talk to begin spying on that particular school
2.)This tab will show you where in your school you must turn in the intelligence reports.

Next, We have Escort Missions.

Escort missions are missions in which you go to a main town and speak to the escort agency(Zoom in on your map while in a main city to see where the Escort agency is located) and then you will escort a carriage to a specific point.
Successfully getting the carriage from point A to point B yields rewards, the rewards come in the form of 22 Liang for your guild, and 8 of an exchange item that can be given to an NPC. 10 of these items will yield a single EXP Pill that will grant 50 EXP to the character that uses them. These are unbound and tradeable between players.

To do escort missions you must be in a guild and be atleast School inner skill level 5.

I recommend when doing escort missions that you set the carriage to have the lowest durability but the highest speed as if you are infact alone you are unlikely to win a fight against other players who are more powerful and looking for a fight.

While escorting you are vulnerable to pvp and if you are killed don’t be too upset it’s a mechanic in the game and it is something you should be prepared for while escorting.

Furthermore I recommend not escorting in major towns like Suzhou or Chengdu because the high player density in those areas its better to go to quieter cities as there will likely be less patroling players looking to mess up your day.

To see where the Escort agency is located when your map is open(Default key: M) make sure Missions is selected and then look for the icon highlighted in the red box above or look for the words Escort Agency on your minimap.

Other method of gaining exp?

Theres tons more ways to gain exp but I find the two methods above to be the least time consuming and the most efficient you can experiment to find other ways to gain exp but this is what the general population of Age of Wushu does to obtain their exp and stay capped out all the time.

Part 2.5: Mini explaination on EXP and Cultivation![P2.5]

What is Cultivation and how does it tie into EXP?

Allow me to illustrate how EXP, Cultivation, and Skills are all tied together

For every 1 Point of EXP you have that 1 Point of EXP is worth 1,000 Cultivation points.
Your 1 EXP point is converted into Cultivation over time.

Note: The 1,000 Cultivation point value is not given to you in 100 seconds but rather in multiple happens of the 100 seconds cultivation gains you may see while playing hence why I say 1 Exp is worth 1,000 cultivation but you may only be getting 270 Cultivation every 100 Seconds.

EXP is capped at 999. The Big bubble around the smaller bubbles indicates your total EXP and the smaller bubbles are where the exp is actually located. The lowest level bubble, Bubble Lvl1 converts exp in the slowest manner possible where the 5th bubble, Bubble Lvl5 converts exp in the fastest manner. As a free player only Exp Bubbles Lvl2, 4, 5,(Not sure but I know only 3 bubbles get filled) are filled and the rest are usually left alone. VIP players will have their EXP distributed evenly to ensure they get the fastest EXP conversion rate possible.

1.)Cultivation is not capped and any amount can be held at any time. (Or rather if it is capped the cap is so high its nothing you should worry about.)
2.)Potential Cultivation are points that are gained when a user is not VIP. 30% of your 1,000 cultivation is turned into Potential Cultivation and may be redeem through using Gold(Real money currency) however it is not recommended to gain cultivation from your potential cultivation as it is expensive and cultivation is easy to obtain anyways.

Can I speed up the rate at which I cultivate my EXP?

Yes! A few methods in the game but instead of explaining I’ll link you to a lovely guide.
Age of Wushu Experience Conversion Maximizing Guide
Information provided by Earthquake

Part 3: Spending Cultivation [P3]

I’ve got a bajillion Cultivation points! Thanks bro but… How do I spend it besides internal cultivation?

There are several ways to spend your cultivation at a faster rate than which the normal Internal Cultivation does.(Internal Cultivation is a Cultivation option in the game that passively cultivates cultivation points into your skills, meaning while you’re off doing other fun things you’re always technically getting stronger.)

The first way, Martial Arts Cultivation

In the event the ingame guides did I horrible job explaining how to do these things for you, or you just hate listening to npc’s talk I will iterate how these things work.

Martial Arts Cultivation, is a method in which you spend your Bound or Unbound silver to force cultivation points into your skills.

You have limits on how much you may spend on your Martial Arts Cultivation for each currency.

By using your money on Martial arts cultivation you’re essentially allowed to “Pay to Win” in a certain sense everyday at 00:00 Server time the amounts you may spend on Martial Arts cultivation are reset if you have never done this before don’t worry you don’t have to wait.

Theres not much more to say about this, you open the Martial Arts cultivation window, click one of the bonuses you want to use( Low, Medium, High bonuses from left to right.) and then when you click the buttons the amount they cost(Noted in the tool tip when highlighted over) will be deducted from your bag and you will have your cultivation converted.


Note: For new players ensure you have your Bound Deduction selected in the martial arts window to ensure you’re not using your unbound silver. As unbound silver is more important than bound silver.

Next up, Team Practicing

Team practicing is a method of spending cultivation in which you join a group of other players, usually at a sacred location in your school, and begin cultivating in the team practice method together.

Why a Sacred location? Can we do it anywhere?

Yes, but doing a Team practice in a Sacred location offers a cultivation conversion rate there by speeding up the team practicing.

Can I do it alone? How about with just my friend? Do we really need 10 people?

Doing it alone is definetly possible and doing it with just one or two other people is also possible.
However, having a full 10 man group actually increases the amount of cultivation points used per round. Thereby increasing the rate at which your Fatigue hits 100%(This is a good thing.)

Therefore, don’t be impatient, its okay to go with just 9 people, but a 10th person is always a plus and worth waiting an extra minute for.

Note: Doing TP by yourself is not only lonely but not rewarding at all and well, is a total waste of your time to be perfectly honest.

Should we do 25 rounds? or 20? or 15? or 10? Whats the difference?

Another factor that plays into how much exp is converted into your skills per round is your Team Practice Combo.

By having each member of your team practice hit their combo you gain a chain as long as this chain is never broken you will obtain the maximum amount of cultivation that can be converted per round. Therefore a higher number of rounds means a possibility of higher rewards and higher rewards means you can get your fatigue up to 100% faster.

Note: Your Team Mates must NOT go afk while Team practicing or atleast not be AFK when their turn is comming. Missing a Combo does not yield any points to your team at all and breaks a combo. Anyone who says going afk is okay and letting the TP run like that should be slapped.

Okay, so what’s Fatigue?

Fatigue is a limit in the game that prevents you from abusing Team Practices having 1% of Fatigue means you have used 800 Cultivation points. Therefore getting to 100% Fatigue means you’ve used 80,000 Cultivation points. When you are at 100% Fatigue you may no longer use cultivation points through team practicing but you may still participate(But you will gain no rewards.)


1% Fatigue= 800 Cultivation points used
100% Fatigue= 80,000 used

Do I get bonuses for sitting in a sacred spot while just using internal cultivation?

Yes indeed! Sitting in a Sacred location increases the rate at while cultivation points are used in all manners so not only does Team Practicing benefit from being in a sacred spot so does internal cultivation. Great place to afk for long periods of time provided noone pk’s you.

Age of Wushu Feng Shui Cultivation Guide
Visit this link to learn more about Sacred locations! Thanks to our friendly neighborhood site admin Earthquake

Part 4: Money! Money! Money! [P4]

So… How do I get money so I can throw away my 1-3 damage dagger…?

Here are two ways I think are pretty good:

First, Kidnapping

Kidnapping in Age of Wushu is a lucrative way of obtaining Unbound Silver
I won’t go into detail on how to Kidnapp instead I’ll send you to this guide:
Age of Wushu Kidnapping Guide

That should be enough to help you do it but let me talk about a few consquences for doing actually commiting the act(Because it’s not like its a good thing to do after all….)

For players located in Good allied schools and the Neutral School Scholars kidnapping is a definite No-No and will earn you discipline points for your school. Now you should not worry about this causing you to go full on evil, and you can still kidnap even if you’ve taken the Constable buff.

But how bad is it exactly? Well after you’ve kidnapped 10 times you would have earned 100 Discipline points. See 4.5 for more on Discipline.

Next is selling your stuff.

The major part of the games economy is the fact that everything is player driven. You can’t buy food from NPC’s only players. And the gear that NPC sell suck. The first recipies for any item are better than NPC junk.

Take on a Crafting skill! Go get all 5 Gathering skills! Pick up all the nodes and craft all the things! Then once you’ve got some awesome stuff to sell, or some okay stuff to sell, set up shop over night go get rich!

Lastly go do Dungeons.

Finally going into instances such as Twilight Village(Located in Suzhou City)
Offer item drops like Flying Skill books(The Wild Goose Flying skill drops in TV and you should do TV inorder to get it as it’s one of the best “flying” skills in the game. Theres a reason why it costs alot and that same reason is the reason you should go get it.)

*Twilight Village Entrance location in Suzhou city. Speak with Uncle Han to enter.
However if manage to get another Goose book… and you hate your team members… and you get it… Sell it! Yay money!

Part 4.5: Discipline [P4.5]

For players located in Good allied schools and the Neutral School Scholars kidnapping is a definite No-No and will earn you discipline points for your school. Now you should worry about this causing you to go full on evil, and you can still kidnap even if you’ve taken the Constable buff. or players located in Good allied schools and the Neutral School Scholars kidnapping is a definite No-No and will earn you discipline points for your school. Now you should worry about this causing you to go full on evil, and you can still kidnap even if you’ve taken the Constable buff.

For people wondering what discipline points are they are points where gaining about 100 Discipline points will earn you a Debuff the next time you enter your school. This debuff causes a 20% attack reduction anywhere from 20 Minutes to an hour, or ever several hours if you’ve been particularly naughty.

The way to remove the debuff and get rid of your penalty points is to “Repent” when repenting you will be in a protection state where noone may attack you and you may not doing anything either. For every 10 Points of discipline you need to remove you must repent for 10 Minutes meaning at 100 Discipline points you must sit there and repent for 1 Hour and 40 Minutes.

You may not be offline while repent you must be online. You may however go afk.

This is deinfetly a down side if you wanted to run about naked, or kill people from your school, or if you’re in a School that is considered Good then being a little evil is also annoying because of the penalties you incur however in Age of Wushu you’ll be spending alot of time afk anyways and really this shouldn’t bother you that much. Unless you’re super evil. Then, well, never go back to school.

*Disicpline value can be found in the character window (Default: C) in the bottom tab highlighted above.

Part 5: PVP [P5]

Awwwww yis, time to kill some people.

Yes indeed lets kill people! But lets take a look at all the modes of slaughter and mayhem before we go about brandishing our blades against our enemies necks shall we?

Open PK

It should be no surprise to you that open PK is an option in this game you’re warned when you login that this is a PvP game and you should be prepared for alot of butthurt.

You can be killed. Anywhere. Anytime. By anyone. Except in Safe Zones.(Res points.)
Everywhere else is fair game.

If you’re a newbie, don’t even bother picking a fight with anyone until you know the tiers of power that people can be at. Heres a chart to give you an idea of how painful picking a fight with certain people may be:
Age of Wushu Power Titles List

As you can see in the table linked above, a person who is labeled as Weak Body and Mind, is well weak. Really Weak. But someone labeled say Spiritually Balanced is really strong.(Or well has a higher inner skill level) While these labels may not accurately reflect how powerful the person may be as you don’t know what level their skills are and if they have skills from other schools etc, you can’t tell but generally if your inners aren’t at the same point the person with the Lower inner rank will be at a disadvantage in most situations.

Notes about Open PK: Fighting in an Open PK scenario where you have not initiated a Duel will cause the person who lands the killing blow to gain infamy.
After obtaining a certain amount of infamy that persons name can turn red and infamy will decay at a slower pace. If this person is killed by a constable they will be sent to jail and must either wait several hours to get out or pay bail.

If youre infamy gets absurdly high then you will be sent to jail then after a day or so of being in jail you will be beheaded. After being beheaded if you were not busted out by your friends you will get a 24 hour debuff that will let anyone who wants some revenge get it.

*Infamy level can be seen in the character window(Default: C) in the tab on the right hand side with your stats as seen above.

I talked about Escorts being a fine method of obtaining experience, well if you really don’t like the guild that is escorting then you’re welcome to stop them. By stopping other guilds from completeing escort tasks you prevent their guild from gaining any money to support their guild hall or just their guild in general and you get a few rewards too(What they are I’m not sure) and you get the satisfaction of knowing you ruined their day and got them really mad.

Guild Wars
Guild Fight eachother. Hit N in game to see when such events are happening.

School Wars
Schools and people who ally with certain schools fight eachother, hit N to see when these events happen. Rewards are minimal.

Patroling & Spying
While patroling, you can Expose spies by getting their detection value to 100, when exposed you may attack them and gain rewards, while a patrol they may fight back. Don’t pick fights with people you can’t handle Patrol NPC’s in schools are pretty weak despite being labled “Unfathomable”

When Arena events start you’ll have a little glowing icon on your screen come up asking if you’d like to participate in an Arena Battle. This is a 1 v 1 duel and the winner gets a buff that increases EXP conversion rate. Losing also gets a similar buff but not as potent.

Giving Aid in Jianghu

When this message comes up this is a request to be an Assassin in Twilight Village your objective is to stop the players trying to complete the instance from killing the boss by any means nessacery. To do this you must attack the other players and prevent them from killing the boss if you successfully defend the boss for 10 minutes you will be teleported out and you will gain a reward and the memory of trolling 6 people pretty hard.

There are lots of other PvP types and settings and rewards but these are a few I feel you’ll encounter often in your travels in Jianghu.


Thanks for reading!
I hope this guide helps you on your way to becoming a great Age of Wushu Player.
I probably forgot to put in alot of things and perhaps I didn’t explain some things very well at all.
I tried my best but as we may be able to tell the games translations are really poor and even I’m confused about alot of things. All MMORPGs are a learning experience and Age of Wushu is no exception. Theres alot to do, alot to discover, and I hope I put you down the right path to playing.

See you in Age of Wushu!

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