Age of Wushu FAQ

Age of Wushu FAQ by Mion

Q: I can’t do chapter 2 of story quests!
A: Chapter 2 is not implemented in game yet.

Q: How do I spy on another sect?

A: Press M (map), select the school guidance button at the bottom and select Headmaster. Move to the headmaster and accept the weekly spy quest “Fight of intelligence (sect)”. Then, talk to the Headmaster again and select the first option, followed by the choice of the sect you wanna spy on.

Once teleported to the sect, press N, select School Spy, and click join. You will be teleported to a random area, and its time to target offline player scouts (“Sect” Scouting Disciple). Select a scouting disciple and use the first or second detecting skill to obtain intelligence. (2nd skill recommended to use on a stationary target from the back).

Alternatively, you can look for undercovers to obtain 1 intelligence. These undercovers are labeled as “-Name-(-Sect- Spy)”

Q: How do I exchange intelligence after spying?
A: Press T, return to your sect. Again, press N, select school spy, and then the exchange site tab. Go to the NPC stated in green to exchange your intelligence. Alternatively, you can suicide and choose to return to your school.

Q: How do I do patrols?
A: Press N, select school patrol, and press Join. Note that you have to be in your own school to do this.

Q: Where can I purchase food?
A: You can only purchase it from players who are Cooks. You can craft food yourself if you are a Cook.

Q: How do I learn my sect’s second skill set?
A: You need to complete both your personal storyline quests as well as your school’s storyline quest.

Q: What about the third one?
A: You need to be level 10 in your sect’s internal skill, eg, Scholar : Passing Wisdom level 10. Note that the third skill set, Boundless Sword (Dual Wield), is slightly bugged, so you might not see the quest.

Q: I can’t gain anymore life exp for a certain profession (life skills)!
A: There is a set limit daily which is reset at 12am PST. Use this time to learn other professions or take part in other activities!

Q: What does team practice do?
A: It levels your skills quickly through a small minigame played by a maximum of 10 people. It is recommended to be done everyday till 100% fatigue is reached. A skill that requires 4 hours to level through internal cultivation can be leveled through just a 10-man 25 round team practice.

PS: Please make sure you have at least 80k of cultivation points, as it is enough to run you through two 25-round practices.

Q: How do I speed up my experience conversion?

A: You can consume pills which speed up the conversion. More powerful pills can be crafted by a Herbalist player. Also, Divination can give up to 10%-20% increase in conversion speed (the 450% is a typo).

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