Age of Wushu Beginner’s Guide

Age of Wushu Beginner’s Guide by Daji

During the character creation, you take up one of the 4 quest line (each a separate story line). This will land you in one of the newbie towns.

Follow the main quest and get your first light-foot skill from the well in which you fell. Make sure you buy two skill books from your master (one makes you run a little faster, and the other lets you suicide), before your master sends you to the stable master, where you can view the 8 schools and decide which to join.

The 8 schools:

1. Shaolin (accept only male avatar)

He is good in fist and staff (close combat). He has high HP and is a crowd controller in the dungeon with his staff skills. His AOE bump, seal and stun skills are useful in mass PVP and instances.

Main NPC info:
Master Xuanhuai – the faction leader of Shaolin
Liaoyin – the leader of Jielu Hall
Liaochen – the leader of Puti Hall
Huicheng – the leader of Damo Hall
Kongshan – a monk in Luohan Hall
Jueneng – an usher in Shaolin

Skills – Dharma Stick, Buddha Palm, etc.

More information on this school:

2. Wudang
He/she is regarded as tank in an instance mainly for a skill that allows him to fill his HP/MP when needed. His AOE is powerful, making them excel in school war, but they run a little slow.

Main NPC info:
Zhang Sanfeng – the founder of Wudang
Tian Jizi – the sword branch leader
Yu Xuanzi – the first branch leader
Xiang Jiuchen – a famous swordsman
Quyi – a mysterious girl in the sword tomb
Hongyan Xin – a famous female swordsman

Skills – Dragon Slaying Sword, Taiji Fist, Taiji Sword, Zhenwu Formation, etc.

3. Emei (accept only female avatar)

She is second tanker and buffer in instance. Her palm skills are formidable and
Jin din (shield) helps party members survive AOE/attack from boss, increasing the survivability of the team. Her double-pierce skill makes them damage dealer in instance too.

Main NPC info:
Master Juechen – the faction leader of Emei
Yi Ruoxun – a legendary girl
Xuanyuan Chuqing – a girl born in the desert
Mu Dieyin – a beautiful girl good at using flute
Hua Zhenxu – a woman waiting for her husband to return
Murong Diyun – the second daughter of the well-known Murong family

Skills – Zixia Kong-fu, Ruyi Kong-fu, Xuannu Formation, Tianyin Tune, etc.

4. Beggars Sect
Prerequisite: begging skill (you can learn from the beggar opposite of the stable master)

He/she has strong palm and staff skill. Do not try to fly in front of them as you will get
hammered down from the air easily. He is a DPS type in instance and semi-crowd controller working with Shaolin.

Main NPC info:
Xiao Tianfang – the leader of the Beggars Sect
Shi Jingzhi – Nine Pockets Elder of the Beggars Sect
Lu Shufang – Nine Pockets Elder of the Beggars Sect
Huo Rang – a former escort who fell in love with Hong Xian and decided to join the Beggars to be with her
Zhan Huasheng – a disciple, mastermind, and class clown of the Beggars Sect
Hong Xian – a disciple, who became an orphan with her sister Lu Kou. At a young age she was adopted by Elder Shi

Skills – Dragon Subduing Palm, Dog-hitting Stick, Yuyang Kong-fu, Dog-hitting Formation, etc.

More information on this school:

5. Scholars
Prerequisite: a Life skill (see below)

He/she is good with his leg and sword skill. The windmill skill makes them suitable for mass PVP and a damage dealer in instance. He can provide MP buff with his double sword skill increase MP rejuv rate and damage out put of the team.

Main NPC info:
Xiao Bieqing – the leader of Scholar
Shi Yanbing – the counselor of Scholar
Yan Changkong – a Yan family man
Dongfang Lingshao – the successor of the Dongfang family
Cheng Yimo – a talented young girl
Wen Xinluo – a clever girl indulged by the people around her

Skills – Anran Melody, Phoenix Sky, Mingyu Kong-fu, Bagua Formation, etc.

6. Tang
He/she is regards as buffer and damage dealer in instance for this dagger skills. His buff increase the damage and dodge rate of party member, making them clearing the instance lot faster

Main NPC info:
Grandma – the elder of Tang family
Tang Tianxing – the leader of Tang
Tang Sigong – the poison branch leader
Tang Fan – a mysterious man
Tang Jieyu – the hidden weapon branch leader
Tang Yingxuan – a girl in charge of the internal affairs of Tang

Skills – Stormy Flower Needles, Shihun Blade, 5-Poison Scroll, Qisha Scroll, etc.

More information on this school:

7. Wanderer Valley (Blissful Valley)
He/she are good in double sword but low HP. The sword skill damage is low but can chain skills to potentially seal opponent. The double-pierce skill also makes them good damage dealer in instances and regarded as third tank on bosses.

Main NPC info:
Shan Tianming – the leader of Blissful
Shan Tianxie – Shan Tianming’s younger brother
Yin Feng – a eunuch with unusual arrogance
Dou Hualun – a former Beggars Sect member, narrow-minded
Yao Jian – a girl with her face disfigured in learning evil kong-fu
Ma Chalan – a Miao girl good at using poisons

Skills – Wugui Kong-fu, Duoming Sword, Blissful Fist, Tianyu, etc.

8. Royal guard
Another range with his/her claw, rivals tang man in range PVP, but lacks crowd control skill. The sword skill is hard to chain but hard hitting. The palm skill is ideal in instance, as the skill allows party members to gain HP when hitting mob.

Main NPC info:
Huangpu Xiao – the leader of the Royal Guards
Murong Weiyu – Huangpu Xiao’s wife
Xuanyuan Kuanglang – the leader of the Royal Red Hall
Zhu Lin – the leader of the Royal Dark Hall
Bai Shaoxie – a strange man with psychological distortion
Miu Ying – the leader of the Royal Purple Hall

Skills – Tianmo Kong-fu, Xiuluo Kong-fu, Shiyue, Liuhe Formation, etc.

You will notice I hardly talk about PVP as it is not my strong point. I play all school to
reasonable to understand them. PVP in this game is about reading the movement of your opponent, the skill they use, and how to counter them, can only gained through experience.

Bear in mind that there is no hard and fast rule who can tank bosses. If you acquired the HP/MP skill wudang has, you too can tank the boss after a pot or two. (Acquire other schools’ skills through the skill-book stealing event.)

Each school has 3 skills for you to learn simply follow the main quest line. Note that
you will not be able to learn the third skill before you reach 1L10 (inner skill level 10).
The main quest line continues when you return to your birth city. It takes you to your first instance and back to your school for second skill set.

Note here: you can solo this instance with the help of the NPC. See below;

1. Talk to NPC and he asks you to open the instance.
2. Talk to instance NPC to learn your first formation skill – Three Talents Array* (a must). Just self-make a party to complete the quest.
3. Once done with your formation skill, talk to NPC again to start random selection of
4. Head to the gate, your partner (NPC you talk to earlier will appear), you need to follow
him/her closely else the quest will fail. This NPC will do all the killing and you get the loot at the end. Loot includes some light-foot skill.

Follow the main quest line will take you back to school for quests and second skill set. If you reach inner skill L10, open the book icon at the bottom left of your radar and proceed to third teacher for last skill (Jianghu event–School exclusive skills)

Note: You get the learn crafting skill, marketing skill, life skill, and gathering skills
in the course of solving the main quest line. Be sure to look out for pop-up messages.

*Formation skills are team skills (grouping).

Daily Quests:
From now on you are on your own; there are few dailies you need to do for faster progression

1. Daily spying
2. Daily team practice and practice martial arts.
3. Daily skill training (crafting skill, marketing skill, life skill, and gathering skill, etc.)

Crafting skills: You can only learn one (based on current global Chinese version).

1. Cook – Make food that gives buff, eases hunger, and enchantment.
2. Blacksmith – Make weapons and enchantment.
3. Tailor – Make armor and enchantment.
4. Herbalist – Make HP/MP and buff pot and enchantment.
5. Craftmans – Make accessories and needed for smith and tailor and enchantment too.
6. Poisoner – Make poison for weapon, short duration buff and enchantment.

Marketing skills:

1. Begging – It is used to reduce the killing point a player has, and they have to
pay unbound money if they accept, though most of this money goes to system.
2. Fortune telling – It available only to player who has VIP only. You can get 100 – 450%
conversion of skill point if lucky.

Life Skills:

Chess – Chinese Go game – This skill give HP/MP reju in team environment suitable in instance
Music – Play Chinese stringed instrument – This skill is ideal for mass PVP such as school war, guild war and can chose song that give buff or debuff the enemies/PVE environment
Painter – Combine books which give skill points for crafter and kungfu manual
Scholar – Combine books which give skill points for crafter and kongfu manual

Gathering skills:

1. Farmer – plant crops needed for cook and silk needed for tailor.
2. Woodcutter – Wood needed by craftmans and guild house building
3. Fisherman – Fish for herbalist, poisoner and cook.
4. Miner – Ore for weapon making, handicrafting and guild house building.
5. Hunter – Skin animal for tailor, medicine, and cook.


1. All the above skills has daily cap on skill point be sure to train them up.
The higher the skill level, more strength you get.
2. Vigor is needed to carry out daily action with your skills. Joining a guild increase
your vigor too.
3. The higher your skill the better stuff you can make (given you have the recipe)


Your first major instance when you reach 1L10 at Suzhao (Sunset Village) it has 4 mode:

1. Normal
2. Hard
3. Hell
4. Asuro

Each mode correspond to your inner skill level (press N in game to check if you can enter).

I will not touch on instance guide as this will spoil you. The fun of playing game is to
venture with your party and excel.


This refer to sect (I call them) that all over the map which you and your party can venture to get kung fu skill book that not available in school. These mini-instance required reputation (press C to check) to enter. You can gain reputation from quest and clear the major instance is the easier way.

Be warned, this is a PVP centric game you may get kill anywhere just so that your killer get reputation they need for title. I got kill many time when I was young and often look away. There is no point to get angry with these player as I have better thing to do.

Saw someone asking for combat basic and I think is a good information to provide. I will try to explain here. Hope is useful

Combat Basic Information

It is commonly known that there is delay of 7 second when switching to different set of skill when in combat.

What are those stats in my character windows do;

Brawn – close combat ability, max HP limit, external critical hit
Posture – External skill accuracy, range damage and Evade ability
Breath – Max MP limit, inner skill damage
Spirit – Max MP limit, inner skill critical, inner skill defend and rejuvenate rate of MP
Stamina – Max HP limit, Tenacity ability of skills (use for control skill) and rejuvenate rate of HP

Color on skill description

Yellow – is the Basic skill damage + weapon damage range. Increase with skill level and
modified by weapon damage range. Fist and leg skill get increase in damage with skill level
Red – External damage
Blue – Internal damage
Green – Range damage

You can increase the damage of these color by modifying your brawn, breath and posture.

How can I quickly switch to different skill with appropriate weapon.

The hot bars F1-F5 facilitate this function. Drag your weapon in your inventory to F1-F5 and click on the small circle to match the skill bar number 1-9.

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