Age of Wulin Wudang Gale Sword Style Guide

Age of Wulin Wudang Gale Sword Skill Style Guide by chaose5

Skill Set: 清风剑法 Gale Sword Style
This skill set is one of the two single sword style of Wudang. This skill set is revolves around collecting and maintaining 清风(Gale chi) to increase the damage output.

Skill 1: Reverberating Slash

CD: 2 seconds
This short CD (2 seconds) skill deals 2 hit combo towards frontal area. It is able to cause enemies who are hit to take extra damage when using Qing Gong.

This skill is slow and the damage is low. The bleeding damage when the target uses Qing Gong is negligible. So, it is used mainly to fill the CD gap in between other skills.

Skill 2: Torrential Strike

CD: 8 seconds
This is one of the two main damaging skills in this skill set. It has two forms depending on whether the caster is on the ground of in the air.
When the caster is on the ground, charging of 3 seconds is required and deals one hit. The charging time reduces with each level of Gale chi on the caster. When the caster has 3 levels of Gale chi, the skill is casted instantly without charging. Casting this skill on the ground enables 100% knockdown of targets in the area of effect and  inflict Turbid chi (   浊气) on those targets.
When the caster is in the air, the skill is instantly and deals 5 hit. The knockdown chance is reduced to 50% but the damage is increased to 1.75 times of the damage when casting on the ground. Targets which have been knockdown will also be inflicted with Turbid chi. This form of the skill is not affected by Gale chi.

The knockdown of this skill is particular useful in PVP. The trick to using it is to gather 3 levels of Gale chi such that it can be instantly casted. Without the instant casting, it is more difficult to use but can be very effective if you can predict your opponent’s motion.
In PVE, the damage output of this skill is fair and casting it in the air is useful to gather rage.

Skill 3: Streaming Slash

CD: 3 seconds
This is the main damaging skill in this skill set. It deals damage to enemies in a straight line of up to 20 meters. If the target was affected by Turbid chi, the target is unable to block for 3 seconds. The damage output of this skill is increased with each level of Gale chi available.
1 level -> 1.3 times damage
2 level -> 1.6 times damage
3 level -> 1.8 times damage

This is Wudang’s main damage output tool with a short CD of 3 seconds and a short casting time. Again, the potential of this skill can only be brought out by having 3 levels of Gale chi.

Skill 4: Gale Stab

CD: 2 seconds
Feint skill of this skill set. Upon successful guard breaking, the target is knockdown and is inflicted with Turbid Chi (   浊气).

The casting of this skill is slow and can easily be interrupted. So, use it with care.

Skill 5: Untainted Guard

CD: 1 seconds
Guard skill. Upon successful blocking of an attack, one level of Gale chi is gained up to a maximum of 3 levels.

Leveling this skill will increase the duration of the Gale chi (   清风). At level 5, the duration is as long as 18 seconds.

Skill 6: Banishing Strike

CD: 10 seconds
Rage skill which consumes 50 rage points. This is a range (20 m) targeting skill. If the target is inflicted with Turbid chi, extra damage is dealt per hit (50% of the damage dealt on the current hit). Upon each successful hit, one level of Gale chi is gained. This rage skill has two forms depending on whether the caster is on the ground or in the air.

When casted on the ground, it deals a 6 hit combo.

When casted in the air, it deals an 11 hit combo and the total damage is increased to 1.5 times of the damage when casted it on the ground.

The extra damage dealt when the target is inflicted by Turbid chi is not very significant because the Turbid chi’s duration is very short and usually you can only get one to two hits out of it. However, it doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of this rage skill. It is a high damage skill which can be used as a finisher or as part of a combo because it gives 3 levels of Gale chi.
In addition, when casting this skill in air, the casting time is about 7 seconds which is the global CD between different skill set. Therefore, it allows switching to other skill sets without having to endure the 7 s global CD.

Skill 7:Breeze Stab

CD: 6 seconds
The only targeting skill beside the rage skill in this skill set. It allows the user to dash towards the target. When the target is unable to block, extra damage is dealt.

As this is the only targeting skill in this skill set, which can interrupt the target’s skill casting, use it wisely. The condition for triggering the extra damage is too stringent and this effect is as good as negligible.

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