Age of Wulin Offline Activity and Kidnapping System Guide

Age of Wulin Offline Activity and Kidnapping System Guide by chaose5

will introduce these 2 features together since they are closely related.

Offline Activity System

When a player is gong offline, his/her char can still stay in game.
– The char can either take up a job, continue with his skill training or set up stall to sell items.
– A job will be randomly assigned depending on the location where you log off. The possible job list will be shown before you log off.
– For example, if you log off at Chengdu (see the picture below), you could either end up being a waiter, a shop helper, a musician or a soldier. On the other hand, if you log off at Scholar’s School, you might end up being a security guard or a patrol.
– So do not be suprised, if your char end up somewhere different from your log off location or you see your friend’s char wandering around in the game when he is sleeping (yes, your char will look just like another NPC in the game while you offline ^_^)
– The chances of you getting a job is subject to job vacancy & the number of offline players in that area. These information will be shown at the interface when you are about to log off. For example, in Chengdu (city area), there are just too many people and the chance of you getting a job is quite slim although there are a lot of jobs. In Scholar’s School, there are plenty of vacancy since it’s not as crowded as the major cities, although there are less variety of jobs available.
– Also, you will be rewarded with in-game money if you are working while offline.
– Beside working, you can also train and level up your skills automatically while you are offline. You just need to set the skills which you want to train before going offline.
– The offline activity log will be shown when you get online next time.

Job list at Chengdu:

Job list at Scholar’s School:

Kidnapping System

– Players who are doing a job while being offline will appear just like another NPC.
– You can kidnap offline players and sell that poor fellow to a willing NPC buyer in places such as brothel, chinese medicine shop or mine (excavation site).
– The process of kidnapping is shown in the video below. You start by scouting a possible victim, preferably in a more secluded location (reason below)
– Use the Drug which you bought previously from merchant, on the victim to dope and faint him/her. The chance of success is dependent on the ability difference of your victim and you. If your potential victim is a powerful person, you will likely fail and be stunned for 1 minutes.
– If you are managed to faint him, put him into a sack and start finding a place to sell your victim.
– However, at this moment, your name, your evil deed and your current location will be announced in the public.
– Anyone who want to be a hero to save a fair lady will come after you, in hope to thwart your kidnapping attempt, or maybe not.
– If anyone manage to kill you while you are trying to make your way to the buyer, the sack with the victim in it will drop on the floor. At this moment, he will have a choice to rescue the victim or continue kidnaping the victim and selling him/her!

What do i get from kidnapping?

– You will be rewarded in-game money by selling the victim, while you get nothing for rescuing besides a public announcement that you did so.  The money you get will depend on the ability of the victim. NPC will pay more if you sell him a powerful player.
– After selling the victim to a buyer, no NPC would buy a victim from you for 1 hour (to prevent you to farm kidnapping)
– There are a few interesting scenario which have been tested out by my friends. For example, if you try to sell a man (male) to the brothel, the NPC will actually said “What do i need a guy for, this is a brothel!” , reject it and chase you out. If you try to to kidnap someone who is currently working in the mine, and sell it back to the boss of the mine, he will said “Why did you kidnap my man !!!”, reject it and scold you for kidnapping his worker.
– However, kidnapping will increase your Evil Deed Value while saving someone will increase your Good Deed Value.  For example, i have 40 points of good deed and 1 point in evil deed (yes, i am good person in game ^_^)
– These values are important parameters to trigger Miracle Encounter/Hidden Quest for certain NPC. Normally these quest will give extremely rare skill books, powerful items and crafting recipe. Depending on the nature of the NPC itself, certain NPC prefer to give these hidden quest to a person with high evil deed value while others prefer a person with high good deed value.
– No forgetting, there are additional punishment for players who joined the good side in game, namely Shaolin, Emei and Wudang or the neutral factions such as Scholar, Tang Men and Beggar’s Sect. These schools impose various rules on their members. Failure to abide by them will earn you Punishment Point.
– Kidnapping is one of those act that will get you 10 punishment point. If you belong to any of these schools and accumulate 100 Punishment Point, you will be punished by your school and forced to repent (not able to do anything besides kneeling for a certain amount of time )

What happen to the victim?

– As for the victim, the fact that he was kidnapped will appear in his offline activity log. Morever, since he was sold, he will need to do forced labour without renumeration if he went offline for a certain amount of time. In other words, he will NOT be able to take up normal jobs for earning in-game gold for afew hours if he was kidnapped while he went offline (see the figure below). He could either pay some ingame gold to release himself from the forced labour or just wait till the time is over.
-Other player can save you from the forced labour by paying a certain of amount of money while you are offline too. This act of kindness will earn himself a good deed point.

Only 1 job is shown at the offline job list, which is the forced labour.

How to Locate NPC’s who will pay you for Kidnapped Players

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