Age of Wulin Demonic Fist Skill Set

Age of Wulin Demonic Fist Skill Set by chaose5

Jiang Hu ( 江湖) Skill Sets are skill sets which are not affiliated with any school.

Demonic Fist is the first Jiang Hu skill set which i have assembled fully.

I will put down the details of the skill set in this thread, and update them in the future as i do more test or maybe level up the skills. Currently,  I only have lv1/2 stats for all the skills.

Demonic Fist

Weapon: Bare Hand
Element: Taiji 太极
Type: Physical & Inner Damage 外功和内功

Demonic Kick

Type: Real Move, Physical Damage
CD: 2sec
HIT: 2
Base damage at lv1: 48
Base damage at lvl3:
Phy amp: 29%
AOE: Frontal 5m, non-targetting.
Effect: No special effect.

Demonic Haul

Type: Real Move, Physical Damage
CD: 8sec
HIT: 2
Base damage at lv1: 105
Base damage at lvl3:
Phy amp: 39%
AOE: 20m, Targetting
Effect: Pull the target towards the caster.
Comment: Extremely useful in various situation. You can pull long-ranged mobs towards the crowd in pve, or you could pull your opponent down from his horse or prevent him from escaping.

Demonic Choke

Type: Real Move, Inner Damage
CD: 12sec
HIT: 3
Base damage at lv1: 55
Base damage at lvl3:
Inner amp: 50%
AOE: 3m, Targetting, Approach
Effect: Choke your target, lift him up and throw him in the frontal direction .
Comment: Another very useful disabling skill. Take note that, unlike the previous 2 moves, this is a inner damage skill.

Demonic Illusion

Type: Feint, Physical Damage
CD: 2sec
HIT: 1
Base damage at lv1: 32
Base damage at lvl3:
Phy amp: 29%
AOE: Frontal 5m, non-targetting.
Effect: Guard breaker. Upon successful guard breaking, induce “Demonic Illusion” status on your target: lower the target’s physical and inner defence; also increases the damage of “Demonic Aura”.
Comment: This skill is extremely important in duel if you ever use it. Since after knowing that you are using this skill set, your opponent will tend to block in order to prevent himself from being pull or choked.
Note: Will test out the exact effect after guard breaking soon.

Demonic Guard

Type: Guard
CD: 1sec
Effect: Upon successful guarding, if you are under “Demonic Aura” or “Demonic Avatar”, your movement speed will be increased by 20%; also, you are immune to various status including knock back, knockdown or unmovable and cannot be lock-on or juggled. Buff duration is 5sec at lv1.

Demonic Aura

Type: Qi Move
CD: 1sec
Effect: Continously deplete your own HP and induce damage over time to surrounding targets; the aura also reduce the moving speed of surrounding enemies by 20% and prevents them from using Qing Gong. This skill can be toogled on/off by casting it. It will automatically switched off if you use skills from other skillset.
Comment: You could literally kill yourself with this skill, which is sometimes very convinient when you want to revive at your saved revive point.
Note: Will test out the exact dmg and hp depletion soon.

Demonic Avatar

Type: Qi Move (FURY)
CD: 20sec
Fury Gauge: 50
Effect: Reduce all damage received by 50%. The other 50% of the received damage is absorbed and stored. After 10sec, deal damage to surrounding enemies equal to the total damage absorbed. If you die before 10sec, the damage released is only 25% of the total damage received.
Comment: Signature move of this skill set. This skill is extremely good in situation where you can afford to die and you are out-numbered, for example, in war or when you are invading forbidden grounds. Together with the Guard move, you are immune to all kinds of abnormal status and this allows you to charge into the heart of the crowd in war and execute suicidal bombing.
Note: Will test out the damage nature of this move (since it is not written if the dmg is inner or phy in game).

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