Age of Wulin Crafting Experience Potions Guide

Age of Wulin Crafting Experience Potions Guide by v2seraph

Experience Potions are the goodies you need if you want to keep your mastery points high. Check Growing Your Character if you don’t know what are mastery points.

There are multiple ways to obtain the most basic experience potions ‘寒鸦草’. You can get up to 100 daily from spying alone, more if you challenge instances / raids. You shouldn’t consume these unless you are desperate. Apothecary can craft them into higher grade potions which have higher conversion rate and last longer.

List of EXP Potions:
寒鸦草: 25% conversion, last 10 minutes.
黄白丹: 50% conversion, last 20 minutes. Requires 4x 寒鸦草 to craft.
聚气丹: 100% conversion, last 30 minutes. Requires 4x 黄白丹 (16x 寒鸦草) to craft.
镇心理气丸: 150% conversion, last 45 minutes. Requires 4x 聚气丹 (64x 寒鸦草) to craft.
碧霄丹: 250% conversion, last 60 minutes. Requires 4x 镇心理气丸 (256x 寒鸦草) to craft.

You can only consume 35 experience potions per week. Normally we only craft 100% or 150% as we have limited 寒鸦草.

Crafting Higher Grade EXP Potions
First of all, you must be an Apothecary 药师. Buy a white bowl and all 4 EXP potion recipes from your Apothecary Master.

Open up your crafting interface, default hotkey ‘I’. Choose Apothecary then furnace ‘炼药’. You will then see a list of recipes. Experience potions are listed under category ‘历练药品’.

Choose the potion you wanna craft, enter an amount (Maximum 50), confirm and start crafting! Note that these crafted potions are bound to you.

If you wish to craft and sell them for money, you will have to use unbound silver instead. Choose second tab to craft.

Requesting Service
I did not choose Apothecary as Life Skill profession, I’m poor and cannot afford to buy from players. Does that mean I’m doomed!?

Worry not, you can request service from players with Apothecary skills and craft some yourself. Most players will create an alternative account just for that since the game allows multi-client.

Apothecary must have set the potion recipes as service first. Click on the ‘+’ icon then save. (Refer to the pic above)

Right click on his / her portrait, choose ‘生活服务 > 药师’.

Choose a potion to craft and confirm.

A pop-up window will appear for Apothecary player, check service details and confirm.

Unfortunately, you will need to craft them ONE-BY-ONE. Saves money but definitely time consuming.

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