AD400 Beginner’s FAQ

AD400 Beginner’s FAQ

How to choose a side?

If it isyour first time that you login the game, you have to choose your side. Thereare three empires for you to choose, Western Roman empire, Eastern Romanempire, and Hun empire. Click on the picture to read the introduction of eachempire. Choose the one that you want and click the “join” button.

How to create a hero?

After choosing an empire, you will choose a hero to lead your army. There are fourheroes for you to choose. There are three types of heroes, according to thetypes of their army, infantry, cavalry and remote soldier. After choosing ahero, you can input your hero’s name and clan. Then click the “Create” buttonto create your hero.

How to build a construction?

Click onthe “build” button in your personal castle, choose the construction and click”build”button. Then click on the area in your castle. Wait for the building time tillthe construction complete.

I want to draft soldiers into my legion!

Click the “formation” in the menu, you can draft your soldiers to your legion. Youcan also move your soldiers down to the troops from your legion.

I want more heroes!

If you want to recruit heroes, click on the “Tavern” in the capital. Talk to the waitress and choose the heroes in the hero list. You can refresh the hero list by paying 50 coins or 10 gold.

I want more troops!

You can recruit troops in your barracks in your castle. You can also recruit troops frommercenary camp in the capital.

How can I move to other areas on the world map?

Choose your army on the world map, click “move” button. Then click on the area on theworld map, you will see the path of the march. Wait for the marching time tillyour legion arrive your destination.

My hero gets hurt!

Your hero might get hurt after battles. If so, find the construction “infirmary” inyour castle, you can cure your heroes there. If you don’t have an infirmary, constructone. You can also buy potions from the shop in the capital to cure your hero immediately.

I want more wood/food/metal/stone!

Upgrading your lumber mill/farmland/mine/quarry to higher level, you can get moreresources.

How can I get materials and equipments?

You canproduce materials in your castle in the mill/forge/stonemason’s workshop/lumberyard. With these materials, you can produce equipments for your legion. You canalso get materials and equipments as booties when you win a battle.

Can I skip the battle?

Before acombat, click the “auto combat” to skip the it. The system will finish the combat automatic.

How can I communicate with other players?

Click the “friend” button in the menu. You can search for other players there. Youcan add them to your friend list and talk with them. Also, you can send e-mailsto them.

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