DK Online Tips and Tricks

DK Online Tips and Tricks by mykolag

1 Tip: Tips can be turned on or off in the settings menu.
2 Tip: The Tutorial can be turned on or off in the settings menu.
3 Tip: Control the volume of music and sound effects in the sound tab.
4 Tip: To attack a monster, right-click once or double-click the left mouse button.
5 Tip: You can upgrade your armor with Armor Enchant Scrolls.
6 Tip: You can use items in your inventory by right-clicking once or double-clicking the left mouse button.
7 Tip: You can delete items by dragging them to the trash icon in the bottom corner of your inventory for removal.
8 Tip: To chat with an NPC, place your cursor on them and right-click once or double-click the left mouse button.
9 Tip: Target an NPC and press F to chat.
10 Tip: Press Enter to chat.
11 Tip: Use a Town Scroll to transport to the nearest town.
12 Tip: Press K to check your character’s skills.
13 Tip: Press B or I to check your inventory.
14 Tip: Press G to check your guild information.
15 Tip: Press C to check your character information.
16 Tip: Press H to check hotkey information.
17 Tip: Press M to check the World Map.
18 Tip: Press J or L to check your quest journal.
19 Tip: Press Y to open a personal shop.
20 Tip: Press R or Num Lock to auto-run.
21 Tip: Type /gleave guild in the chat window to leave your current guild.
22 Tip: Left-click on an item in your inventory and drag it to a quick slot to register it as a hotkey.
23 Tip: Right-click on another user’s character to open the character menu window.
24 Tip: Press Esc to see the menu.
25 Tip: Use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
26 Tip: Rotate your view by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse.
27 Tip: Ctrl + Z toggles the UI window.
28 Tip: If your character gets stuck in the terrain, press Esc > Service > Escape to teleport to the nearest town.
29 Tip: If you find you cannot move, type /escape in the chat window to go to the nearest village.
30 Tip: Press Y to open a personal shop.
31 Tip: Check the item before you confirm a one-on-one trade with another user.
32 Tip: GMs will never ask for players’ IDs or passwords under any circumstances.
33 Tip: Select party members by pressing Alt + 1 to 6.
34 Tip: Press Alt + ` to select your own character during party play.
35 Tip: Spamming in chat window will result in being banned from chat for one minute.
36 Tip: Salvage armor to obtain items for alchemy.
37 Tip: To level up your guild members need to trade their Gold for Guild Fame.
38 Tip: You can use hot keys to command summoned creatures.
39 Tip: You can’t attack while riding a mount.
40 Tip: You can’t use a shield while wielding a two-handed weapon.
41 Tip: Using a two-handed weapon enhances your attacking power but decreases your armor.
42 Tip: Collect items through hunting and take them to the blacksmith in the city to get a rare item.
43 Tip: If you use a skill or item when riding, you will dismount.
44 Tip: You must have a weapon equipped to ride a mount.
45 Tip: Players can only open Personal Shops in Sanctuary zones.
46 Tip: You can cancel a buff by right-clicking the buff
47 Tip: Consumable quest rewards (such as Adventure’s Healing Potions) can’t be traded or dropped.
48 Tip: You can insert a “/target NPC Name” without the use of a mouse.
49 Tip: Press Shift + F1 to change the position of your UI.
50 Tip: If you see someone using a botting program please press the bot report button. This will help us maintain a better game.
51 Tip: Items purchased in the Item Mall are sent to an Item Mall Stash Manager for you to retrieve in-game.
52 Tip: Daily Quests reset at midnight.
53 Tip: Players can put quest items in storage until they are needed.
54 Tip: The ‘/search’ and ‘/stop’ commands let you can easily search personal shop.
55 Tip: The guild mailbox can only be used by the Guild Master.
56 Tip: When you disassemble. the component’s grade is depended on the item¡¯s grade.
57 Tip: When you disassemble. the bonus chance appeared during disassemble, you will get higher grade components.

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