DK Online Sorceress General Guide

DK Online Sorceress General Guide by shoptrader20


– Has the most ranged abilities in the game

– Has a very tanky elemental late game

– Able to solo all mobs (including bosses)

– Has the ability to buff speed

– Able to have up to 5 stun skills (if you follow my build, which I will list below)

– Has access to the highest magic attack in game


– Skill casting takes some time and animation has delay times (affects all classes not just sorcs)

– No elemental = 80% death guaranteed (remaining 20% is only because mobs are lower level/less attack stats)

– Going for glass cannon would not yield a 100% damage kill because of the poor matk=skill damage scaling, not recommended if you intend to pve (more details on it below)

– Heavily requires more magic crit stats for dealing massive damage with your spells. Bonus damage on crit is only about 40% more.

– Heavily requires high graded staff for dealing more spell damage.

– Meleeing with a sword tends to deal faster damage than casting a spell on your mid levels (20-30+) until you are able to crit your spells often.

– Gender and race locked. If you don’t like being female or an elf, then this is not right for you.

If you don’t intend to be a crowd controller/damage supporter (pvp) or a pve-focused player in game, I suggest you switch to another class, because that’s what sorceress really is

General info about elemental

– Definitely used by all sorceress regardless of your skill tree because that’s your blue meat shield

– Elemental evolves for every multiplier of 5 character level (you may need to resummon it to get the evolved form if you leveled before a current elemental expires)

– Greatest drawback of elemental is it -20% of personal exp gain. For example, if you were supposed to get 10 exp from a mob, you only get 8 exp if you had elemental active. One way to remedy this is to dismiss the elemental before the mob dies (not recommended on low level because your mana pool is low and the low level mobs still give good exp anyway).

– Summon mettle buffs the elemental by giving it bonus HP/atk/def/evasion rate, which makes it a very reliable tank late game. It’s also the only way to solo bosses. Summon heal is also important to make your pet last throughout a fight. Both skills require you to manually target your elemental first, and does not work on other elementals. A quick way to do so is to click your pet on its hp bar.

– Elemental can be buffed by other classes (ie Divine Armor by Paladins, aspects by Shadowmages)

– Elemental can move to a target without aggroing mobs. However, some mobs will aggro if you hit a sensitive target….

– You can let your elemental pull a target to you by hitting it, then turn to defense mode (runs back to you basically)

– Elemental automatically has the most aggro. Dealing damage at least twice will get a mob off you (exceptions are bosses).

Elemental command menu is temporarily bugged. Left clicking doesn’t work well (reclicking the same command doesn’t work, and has to be alternated). Easiest remedy is to configure your own shortcut keys in the configuration menu, such as alt +1 for attack etc)

Stat Points Distribution and Player builds

Generally, you only need either int or con. I know there’s many qq about int stats, but let me explain why:

Int = matk and mcrit. You will need both to deal your fullest damage. Runing matk is just not enough, although runing mcrit is important. Getting more int is the only way to push your spell damage to the limits.

Con = increase max hp and hp regen. Very obviously you will need this if you don’t want to be paper.

For a pvp player: you may either go full int or mix int with con

For a pve player: you may either go full con or mix int with con.

Wis is unneeded because you can get most of your mana back via mental fortitude and celerity.

Remember that you will get a stat reset at level 30, so you can choose to go pve build all the way, then switch to pvp build.

Equipments used:

Longsword and/or shield for single target pve or boss fights. Reason: you can deal way better dps with a longsword than casting a spell. Bringing down a mob faster is more important than you being a spellslinger. This is even more crucial when soloing bosses because you can never know if the boss will outdamage your pet’s tankingness. Note that using a longsword will reduce your magic accuracy to 1 (the weapon accuracy is applied to physical attacks instead of magic), so you may miss targets if you were casting spells with a sword.

Staff for aoe/pvp. Obviously if you were gonna aoe, you need your matk, so that’s where you need your staff’s help. PVPwise, you will definitely need a staff to get both matk and macc to cast your spells effectively from a distance.

The Skill Trees

The suggested skill levels includes my current build and all previous builds I tried in ST. If you think there’s some use for skills that I deem unworthy, go ahead and try it out. I always recommend mixing the trees because some skills are just not worth going for, making pure left or pure right redundant.

Left Tree

The key about left tree is that you lack the defenses that right tree has. Although it appears to be the tree for dps, it’s actually better to mix with the right tree because you will be way too paper with this tree alone, and you aren’t going to deal very strong damage either.

Tier 1 Skills

Fireball : 5 Stars. Suggested skill level: 3

Your basic early game skill, and also important for dpsing certain bosses. This skill has the least cooldown, so if all your major spells are on cooldown, you will need this for all damage purposes. Note: if you are going for right tree first, leave this at level 1, you can pick this up again to level 3 after you have completed right tree

Call Lightning : 5 Stars. Suggested skill level: 3

This is the very first stun spell that any player can acquire. It deals slightly less damage than fireball, but able to stun a target for one second. The really good part about this skill is that it has the least animation delay, so it’s technically the fastest casting ranged skill. It’s also the prerequisite for Lightning storm. Note: if you are going for the right tree first, leave this skill totally until you have completed the right tree

Tier 2 Skills

Solar Flare: 2 stars. Suggested skill level: 0

The only good thing about this skill is that it has a good initial damage. The bad part about this skill is that the burn is not scaled to matk, so it hardly deals any damage. It can be useful early game, but if you don’t want to waste your time for a skill reset, don’t even bother getting this skill.

Haste: 5 Stars. Suggested skill level: 1

Multipurpose speed buff for running around, and it only eats one skill point, which is actually good since it’s the prerequisite for whirlwind.

Tier 3 Skills

Mental Fortitude: 4 stars. Suggested skill level: 3

Passive magic resistance and mana regen skill which can keep you in the fight longer. The higher the level, the better.

Lightning Storm: 4 stars. Suggested skill level: 1 or 3 if you need the points for Firestorm for left tree players

The earliest AOE stun spell a sorceress can have. Its drawback is the low damage increment throughout the levels, so leaving it at 1 is sufficient if you were mixing from a right tree. Caution: stunning a target 3 times when it’s not attacked by your elemental or any other players will cause it to switch aggro to you. This easily happens if you are aoe farming so stay alert and get your pet to attack any target that is chasing you

Tier 4 Skills

Whirlwind: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 3

A very high damaging skill and has the ability to slow targets. Its damage output is just slightly less than the final skills quake or firestorm. For a one sec casting skill, this is worth the skill points. It’s the prerequisite for Zephyr.

Tier 5 Skills

Elemental Adept: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 3

Passive magic attack buff, who doesn’t want it?! It’s one of the 2 key skills that can push a sorceress’ magic attack to its limits. It’s also the prerequisite for Firestorm, the highest damaging skill for left tree.

Mana Shield: 3 stars. Suggested skill level: 0 for quake players, 3 for firestorm players

This active buff can be used to buff any player, which makes it very useful in pvp. However, owing to skill points limitation, i recommend 0 for quake players, because your final points would have been spent on elemental adept 3. If you are going for left tree though, this is a good place to invest your points to unlock firestorm.

Tier 6 Skills

Concentration: 2 stars. Suggested skill level: 0

This buff is actually good for improving your cast time. The sad part is there’s no need for left tree players to use this because most of your skills only need 1 second cast, and you can get Lena the Adventurer Guide in big cities to buff you for that. Still, it can be useful if you really wanna be a fast spellslinger (I tried this in ST, it does make you cast very very fast, but eats mp quick too). Right tree players can never have enough skill points to reach this, if not it’s actually very effective for quake.

Zephyr: 2 stars. Suggested skill level: 0

Temporary speed buff that can get you out of sticky situations. The good thing is it’s an instant buff, the bad thing is it has a pretty long cd, so it only gets you out one time. Only get this if you really want to play a pure left tree. Note: you can get almost the same movespeed for at least 20 minutes if you are in a level 5 guild, have haste and Wildling aspect on and on any mount

Tier 7/Ultimate Skill

Firestorm: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 3 for left tree players

The highest AOE damage skill in game with no cast time. It has a decent DOT damage. The main drawback is its long cooldown time, and that it is a pointblank skill. If you went for quake, you can never have enough points to get this skill.

Right Tree

Some people described the right tree as the tree for survivability. There is some truth in that, but it is also the most important tree for all purposes, pve or pvp.

Tier 1 Skills

Summon Elemental: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 1.

Regardless of what tree you play, this multipurpose tank always serves its purpose in protecting its master. More general info about elemental are listed at the start of this guide. Mastering the elemental will make you a formidable force whether PVE or PVP. This skills is the prerequisite for Summon Mastery.

Ice Lance: 1 star. Suggested skill level: 1

This is a weak damaging skill that can slow opponents. The slow effect increases with level. However the slow is way too weak to be of any use. It is, however, needed to advance the skill tiers. Leaving it at 1 is enough (if you really want to have a slow skill, just grab whirlwind from left tree). This skill is the prerequisite for Ice blast.

Tier 2 Skills

Celerity: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: at least 2

Good mp regen skill at the cost of some hp. It actually provides the best mana regain to sustain your fight. I find that level 2 is sufficient, but if you were a hardcore spellslinger, level 3 would be good. Note: if you plan on mixing left tree for elemental adept 3, you can only get either sleep or celerity to level 2, and the other would be level 3, due to skill points limitations

Summon Mastery: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 3

A heal skill used to sustain your pet. It can be improved by your matk stats, and is the most important skill for soloing mobs and bosses. Its drawback is that you need to target your elemental to heal, it is affected by animation delay, and it cannot be used on a fellow sorc’s pet. This skill is the prerequisite for Summon Mettle.

Ice Blast: 1 star. Suggested skill level: 0

Worthless skill that only wastes your skill points needed for better skills. Same as Ice lance, its slow is improved throughout the level. It can deal average damage, but for 6 skill points, it’s totally not worth it. Getting whirlwind on left tree is way better (and whirlwind is fixed at -175 movespeed whereas ice blast only gets -175 movespeed at level 3). Only get it if you like its animation.

Tier 3 Skills

Sleep: 4 stars. Suggested skill level: at least 2

Effective crowd control skill that can disable a target up to 10 seconds on level 3. However, if your target is hit, he will awake and resume control. Best used in solo or group pvp. Check the note on Celerity for mixed tree info. Warning: always make sure your pet is on defense mode or wait before casting. Failure to do so will result in your pet running to the target and awaken it prematurely

Tier 4 Skills

Summon Mettle: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 3

At first glance, you might think +30% abilities doesn’t do much. Well think again. What it really does is literally increase your pet’s hp/atk/def/dodge stats by 30%. It’s the most important skill for soloing bosses. At level 40, a fully buffed elemental with summon mettle level 3 can reach almost 7k hp Smile

Water Aegis: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 3

A must have for your personal defenses. Without it, you will be the most paper player ever. It is pretty much the mage’s armor. Note this spell only works on yourself. This is the prerequisite for Frost Shield.

Tier 5 Skills

Weapon Rune: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 3

One of the 2 matk buffs. This buff is an active buff, so remember to rebuff every 20-30 min if you were going to cast spells. Needed for pushing your matk to its limits. Note you can only cast this on yourself.

Tier 6 Skills

Earthbind: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 3

A crowd control skill that can stop an enemy from moving away. Best used on a chase. Note that this doesn’t make the character unable to attack or cast, and can be dodged by a correctly skilled Paladin. This skill is the prerequisite for Quake. Note: if you were using this skill on a mob, you will automatically have the highest aggro. Do not EVER use this on a boss

Frost Shield: 1 star. Suggested skill level: 0

Once again the weakness of ice skills strikes back as this skill doesn’t do anything more than have 150 extra defence on level 3, which is easily remedied by having a few defense runes or improving your armor. For 3 skill points, it’s just not worth it. This skill does not stack with water aegis.

Tier 7/Ultimate Skills

Quake: 5 stars. Suggested skill level: 3

The 2nd highest AOE damage skill in game. This skill is able to stun enemies around your target, and have a very high damage output. I’ve calculated that this skill uses 35% of your matk stats on top of its initial damage listed. With its fast cooldown, this skill can be repeatedly used for any purpose for dealing the most ranged damage. Magic crit is highly valued for this skill. Its drawback is the slightly long cast time. Going for this skill will ensure you cannot learn firestorm due to skill points limitations.

My Build

For reference’s sake, I shall post my build here. You may choose to refer to it, but it is entirely up to you if you want to follow my build. I started by completing right tree first to get Quake lvl 3 asap, then returned to left tree to finish up lightning storm, whirlwind and elemental adept

With that, good luck to every sorc players and thanks for reading this guide. If you find something lacking in this guide, please inform me in game.

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