DK Online Shadowmage PvE Support Build Guide

DK Online Shadowmage PvE Support Build Guide by o325mac2x

Since SM can do Easy Gold Farm (Making this will take some time/day/weeks/months or FOREVER! LOL)
For those who are new to SM

Stat = Full CON
Why? +HP+HPR since SM have Low HP

Weapon +5 Or Better
Why? Decent DPS/DOT/Heal

Armor +5 Or Better
Why? Seriously? LOL

Wep/Armors Rune Set
R = Wis+4 Or Better (Serenity)
Y = Def+30 Or Better (Guardian)
B = Wis+4 Or Better (Serenity)
Why WIS&DEF? More Mana+MPR / DEF to reduce damage

IF you can manage to succesfully put R & Y in your wep/armor set its already good.
BUT if you got lots of GOLD, my friend its up to you! pray not to fail! or else you will end up buying R&Y runes again. LOL


Lvl1 Unholy Spear Lvl1
Lvl2-4 Poison Arrow Lvl3
Lvl5 Heal Lvl1
Lvl6-8 Death’s MantleLvl3
Lvl9 Heal Lvl2
Lvl10-12 Poison Cloud Lvl3
Lvl13 Heal Lvl3
Lvl14-16 Mark Of Shade Lvl3
Lvl17-19 Wolf Aspect Lvl3
Lvl20-22 Sacrifice Lvl3 (Most people dont get this but i recommend you to get it, it really helps when your healing a group/boss fights.) Gives +500Mana With 1min CD!
Lvl23 Unholy Spear Lvl2
Lvl24-26 Golem Aspect Lvl3
Lvl27-29 Group Heal Lvl3
Lvl30-32 Critical Heal Lvl3
Lvl33 Unholy Spear Lvl3
Lvl34-36 Wilding Aspect Lvl3
Lvl37-39 Soul Burn Lvl3
Lvl40-42 Healer Lvl3

That’s it HOPE this help’s!

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