Web Koihime Musou Preventing Troop Losses Guide

Web Koihime Musou Preventing Troop Losses Guide by Passant

Apparently, no matter how overwhelming your Attack Power is against the enemy’s Defense Power, you will lose at least one soldier from each type under each Warlord.

That one soldier takes minutes- or even hours- to rebuild, and you didn’t have any on standby beforehand. So how can you avoid playing the waiting game?

Military Medics (Infantry 16) are the key. Every 10 Medics under a Warlord’s command prevents 1 soldier in that Warlord’s cadre from dying.

Medics also heal themselves, so you need at least 20 Medics to roam lands without worry of being whittled down (10 for the main attacking force, 10 for themselves).

To attack lands relatively faster, supply those Medics with Transport Cavalry (Cavalry 17). Each Transport will boost each Medic’s Movement by 25% (16 x 1.25 = 20 Movement). Now the composition utilizes 30 Medics (10 for the main attacking force, 10 for Transports, 10 for themselves) and 30 Transports (to boost those 30 Medics).

With the above in mind, you want the main soldiers of your land-grabbing force to be FASTER than boosted Medics. The only troops that have more than 20 base Movement are Spies (Infantry 12, 22 Movement), Cavalry (Cavalry 1, 28 Movement), Heavy Cavalry (Cavalry 9, 26 Movement), and Transport Cavalry (Cavalry 17, 30 Movement).

I’ve just given you a land-grab build for your Infantry/Cavalry Warlords. Enjoy.

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