The Secret World Shotgun/Chaos Tanking Alternative Deck Guide

The Secret World Shotgun/Chaos Tanking Alternative Deck Guide by improvedai

Full Build Information Available Here

Active Abilities

Escalation: (C) PBAoE Builder, Frenzy , Aggro, Weakened – Exposed
Fire and Forget: (S) Column Builder, Blast
Defensive Turret: (S) Consumer, 15% Damage Reduction
Karma: (C) PBAoE Consumer, Frenzy, Minor Heal
Reality Fracture: (C) GTAoE Consumer, Aggro, + Damage on Weakened
Shotgun Turret: (S) Cone Consumer. Blast
Stoicism [Elite]: (T) 30% Damage Reduction, 500% Aggro

Passive Abilities

Intensity: (C) Escalation – 7.5% Damage Reduction
Inevitability: (C) Weakened – 10% Evade Chance
Improved Blasts: (H) Blast – Weakened – Debilitated
Gnosis: (C) Weakened – Bonus Magic Damage Hit
Fuel to the Fire: (T) On Hit – 200 Hate
Agitator: (T) 300% Aggro
Forged in Fire [Elite]: (H) Automatic Safety Heal

Near constant mitigation + evades, creating a circle of death for your enemies while protecting your allies with Defensive Turret.

Increased survivability from triggered passives and Karma. The Shotgun Reinforcement Weapon Skill allows you to keep an additional 6.30% damage reduction up on yourself as long as you have either Turret out.

Brings both Weakened effects to the party – exposed & debilitated.

This build is designed to be a fun, alternative way to use the coveted Escalation ability while tanking, and is also very healer friendly.

Others Abilities to Consider

Flak Jacket: (S) Group 15% Damage Reduction
Crap Shoot: (S) Weakened – Purge
Mockingbird: (T) Minor Heal, 200% Aggro
Illusion: (C) 35% Evade Chance
Turbulence: (C) Frenzy – Evade 150 Stack
Hardcase: (S) Weakened – Protection 150 Stack
Paradigm Shift: (C) Weakened – Hit 150 Stack
Critical Help: (P) On Summon – Crit 150 Stack

Any constructive criticism or feedback is welcome.


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