The Secret World Hammer, Chaos Tank Build Guide

The Secret World Hammer, Chaos Tank Build Guide by younggizzle

I will switch Obsidial Angel out for bosses as the consumer or hard hitting bosses so lets go over the strengths of the build.


1 Escalation (b): Aoe threat skill which stacks and has a damage increase; activating the weakened state further activates 3 passives to increase hit and damage resistance.
2 Grip Whip (b): Single target block rating increase which will activate 2 passives, one for an impaired and one for increased hate and 5% damage which equals more hate
3 Run Rampant (b): Is a dodge stacking ability; now I will get why did I put this considering its a block based build…good point…I just have been using this as the increase dodge seems to help staying alive ( this is open to suggestions for another builder)
4 Razor shards (c): Aoe move that increases threat on next ability used, decent damage
5 Raging Volcano: AOE dps move and with 100% block for 6 seconds that means whatever hits you makes you do more damage, more hate and potentially get knocked down
6 Schism (c): Single Target damage that destroys stuff under 35% of health, great for finishing off bosses and more damage under 35% means more threat
7: Trucker: Think of this and an intervene skill; it gives the same block increase as Stonewalled but adds damage and a charge? sounds like win/win to me

1 Agitator: Threat increase, enough said
2 Hardcase: Magical and Physical increase by weakened state which you do with your builder
3 Intensity: Damage reduction on weakened state
4 Paradigm Shift: Hit increase on weakened,hit = less glance =more damage=more threat
5 You’re Next: On block 5% damage(more threat) plus a threat increase
6 Brick Wall: On block knock down(This is open to suggestions)
7 Forged in fire: drop below 50% and regen 40%? YES PLEASE LOL

Hit 150
Magic protection 150
Physical protection 150
Evade 150
Weakened state 30%

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  1. Anon says:

    Hardcase doesn’t exsist other than that its great

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great guides !

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