The Secret World Elemental/Shotgun Single DPS Build Guide

The Secret World Elemental/Shotgun Single DPS Build Guide by Blink

This is mostly a single target build, focused for soloing but it works quite nicely in a group/dungeon.


1) Ignition (Ele) – (Switch to Arc Flash for groups)
2) Raging Bullet (SG)
3) Blaze (Ele)
4) Anima Charge (Ele)
5) Thor’s Hammer (SG)
6) Kick Back (SG) – For utility really and it helps killing minions. Looking into Manifestations to replace this one.
7) Do or Die (Subversion)


1) Violent Strike (Ele)
2) Live Wire (Ele)
3) High Voltage (Ele)
4) Mad Skills (Pistol) (Switch to Social Dynamo when in group (Ele))
5) Strike Force (SG)
6) Explosive Expert (AR)
7) Sharp Shooter (AR) (Switch to Under the Radar if aggro is an issue. It hasn’t been so far, which I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not)

Here is some passive that I think would work well but I don’t have them atm:

Punisher (SG) For those time you need to weaken your target. Paired with Paradigm Shift (Blood) to replace Sharp Shooter.
Wrecking Crew (Hammer) Increase crit power of strikes by 20%


Pretty simple, Build 5 counter, Do or Die, Anima Charge, Thor’s Hammer, Raging Bullet, Blaze, Build 1 counter, Blaze, Build 4 Counters, Raging Bullet, Blaze, 5 counter, thor’s, etc, etc.

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