The Secret World Crafting Step by Step Guide

The Secret World Crafting Step by Step Guide by Macule

1) Look at what stats your build needs, such as crit.

2) Obtain an item of the type desired, such as a Hammer, from a vendor, a loot drop or from previously crafted.

3) Open the Transcribing window. Put the item into the breakdown box (the lower box). In this example a Hammer pattern results. The Transcribe button will change into a Disassemble button, click it and remember the pattern of the mats from the item display. Put the mats into your inventory.
results in

4) To upgrade, you need better mats than what disassembly gave you. To upgrade mats, put a stack into the Transcribing window and then click the Assemble button. Then put the resulting upgraded mat into your inventory. The quality, or level, of the mat you receive after the assembly will depend upon the level of the stack of mats that were used to perform the assembly.
results in
You need to have enough of the mats, like were just upgrade to, in order to make the shape of the item you want to craft such as a Hammer.

5) Place the mats of the desired level into the Transcribing window in the shape of the item to craft. This shape is called the “Core” shape. You also need to add an Assembly Kit for the type of item being crafted (in this example, a weapon). It is the Assembly Kit that dictates how potent the Core item will be, and what mats will be needed. Click the Assemble button.
results in
Now you have a new crafted item. In this example it’s a better hammer of higher level than was originally disassembled. Put it into your inventory. Make note of the level of this new item. Now it’s time to add stats that you want added to that new item.

NOTE: Prefix/Suffix seems disabled in Weekends Beta at time of writing this. However, this info is from the TSW crafting video and should be correct.

6) Place the mats that will provide the stats that you desire into either a Prefix or a Suffix pattern shape. This example is for a Prefix. Also place a Prefix or Suffix Assembly Kit, in this example a Prefix Assembly Kit. An Assembly Kit might require a certain level of item it is to be used with. Then click the Assemble button. Put the resulting buff item into your inventory.
results in

7) Now place the new item (Hammer in this example) and the new buff into the Transcribing window and click the Assemble button.
results in

8) There’s the finished product. Move it into your inventory to equip or sell as desired. Note that in some cases the kit used to assemble something might require an additional optional or mandatory Tool (it was not needed in this example).

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