The Secret World Chaos/Blade Tanking Build Guide

The Secret World Chaos/Blade Tanking Build Guide by SilverSaint777

I have been looking at various builds throughout all my play time so far and from my current experience (all elites) I have found chaos/blades to be the best tanking build. I use the following:

Crimson Theatre
Art of War

Sixth Sense
Brandishing Support
Shadow Play
Fuel to the Fire

I stack Defense only due to Sixth Sense/Sword Passive.

The idea here is that escalation/consequence apply exposed(the only way to get this is by Chaos tanking essentially) and adding 30% dmg to a boss is the best group buff in the game. Debiliation (30% less dmg from a target) can easily be applied by a DPS in your group using a single passive talent and if running a defined group one of your DPS should be running a talent to apply this. You also get minor ward (7.5% dmg reduction) from escalation passive.

Now comes the 4 resource consumers. Both Consequence (adds another 7.5 dmg reduction) and crimson theatre (AoE threat and 10% chance to be glance increased) can be kept down at all times. Karma allows for an AoE and a 5% of total health heal and Brandish of course adds 150 defense and 25% dmg reduction for its 2.5 sec channel.

Art of War has 2 uses ( 1. insuring glances for Sixth Sense and 2. an AoE taunt/impair). The glances are nice, but the AoE taunt/impair is incredible for interrupting spells and for picking up bosses from agro drops. I find it to be by far the best active elite.

Finally you have Illusion (35% evade, 45s CD). Of the non-elite pops this one provides the best dmg reduction and its way better then its out tier counterpart Smoke and Mirrors ( 40% evade 90s CD) due the extra use when compared to Smoke n Mirrors.

Now the passives, you need agitator and fuel to the fire for the threat. The heal from Sixth sense is incredible when paired with art of war, brandish, and shadowplay. You can easily heal for more then Forged in Fire and its spread out, making it more consistent and have a less chance of overall waste. Hardcase provides a constant 150 physical and magical protection due to escalation applying weakened.

Overall at the end of the day you get the following buffs at all times after the first 10s of a fight:
30% extra dmg to target
15% less dmg
10% more chance to be glanced
150 physical/magical protection
35% evade for 6s every 45s
25% dmg reduction and 150 defense for 2.5s every 8s
5% healing of your total life every 8s
Heals of 10% of your total life from Sixth Sense, roughly every 10-15s at the most

The rotation is:
Brandish to start fight, Art of War when you can (if you need a taunt make sure to have it up for that point)
Now with 0/0 resources:
Step 1
Escalation x1
Crimson Theatre/Consequence
Escalation x5
Repeat step 1

If you have any questions feel free to post.

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