SimCity Social Visiting Your Neighbors Guide

SimCity Social Visiting Your Neighbors Guide by KrazyKwong

I’m writing this because I am noticing a lot of new neighbors and even some old ones doing the same thing by visiting the same types of structures over and over when not doing a quest. This is not actually helpful to your neighbor!

The reason is when you visit a building of any sort, you have a chance to drop a type of collectable for your neighbor when they check to see what you been doing in their city. This is in addition to a small bit of coin, resource and xp per building. The collectable drop rate for your neighbor is random and seemingly not dependent on your relationship level with them. (I could be wrong here)

If you visit a police station and do either a nice or nasty action you may get dependent on your relationship level, fury, rage or wrath on a nasty action or goodwill, harmony or bliss on a nice action. However your neighbor will get a chance to drop a police badge collectable. This is the standard item collectable you would potentially get if you interact with your own police station. Thus if you continually interact with your neighbors police station, all they will get is police badges from your visit. All items have a cap and it could very easily cap police badges for your neighbor. Which could potentially waste their chances of getting other collectables which they may need.

To be a good neighbor it’s worthwhile to visit a variety of buildings not just one type. It’s also worth noting come buildings most mayors will generally not interact with unless they have excess energy, namely emergency service buildings and attractions. So in likelihood they will be low on collectables from those buildings. Farms, police stations, fire stations, hospitals and attractions should be your higher priority buildings to visit when at a neighbor’s city. As these are likely to be least interacted with.

I would not say businesses and warehouses are low priority visits, because if you interact with them and they are waiting to have their coin or resources to collect, you will actually collect them for your neighbor, saving them the need to use energy to collect on a building.

A word of note about businesses and warehouses if you do visit them, do not visit ones which you know have a very high cool-down over several hours, as this will not be as efficient as visiting a very low cooldown diner or ice cream factory. These are much more likely to have their coin or resource waiting to be collected due to their fast cooldown and thus you will save your neighbor some energy.

Additional note about factories, try to avoid interacting with ones which you know have medium to high pollution ratings that don’t have a no-pollution 3 star upgrade. As this will cause a pollution cloud generate which can hinder your neighbor depending on where it goes, and he or she will have to waste energy to clean it up. (unless of course you wanna be evil)

In summary

1. Do not visit one type of building (eg houses only)
2. Do visit a different variety of buildings (e.g. one of each of the following… police station, fire station, animal farm, house, warehouse, business etc )
3. Prioritize fast cool-down business or warehouses this is likely to benefit your neighbor
4. Do not interact with medium to high pollution warehouses.

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