SimCity Social Building and General Information Compilation

SimCity Social Building and General Information Compilation by SandFish

Note: This is not a official guide, it is user made from everyone’s input
The information here is a compilation of the information in SimCity Social.
The goal of this is to help you plan ahead. Whether it may be planning out your city for beauty or population, or figuring out what items you need for your buildings or choosing how to spend your money efficiently.

The data is complied below into spreadsheet.
It is not complete, so if you can help, post any information to have that is currently missing and I’ll add it to the spreadsheet.
If you find any mistakes let me know as well.
You can now edit the spreadsheet and ADD INFO YOURSELF!
~~PLEASE READ the “Helping with information” section below before doing ANY EDITING~~
Any requests for new spreadsheets, PLEASE POST!

– All prices are in simoleons unless stated
– A Strikethrough in the name of the object indicates it is no longer available
– The area of objects is LxW, where Length is from the bottom left of the game to top right, and Width is top left to bottom right. (Still don’t understand? Click Here)

Spreadsheet Links:
Business – Required items to level
Factory – Required items to level
Friend & Foe


Helping with information

As I said above, the data is hardly complete, and we can always use more information. If you have any info that is missing, please just post and it will be added.
Of course please make sure your information is accurate, and regarding the Area of object please follow the same rule in measuring them out, so we can avoid any confusion.
Measuring out areas:
Click Here)

I have opened up the spreadsheets so anyone can edit it themselves and add information whenever. But please read the following to ensure the spreadsheet stay clean, have correct information and do not get messed up.

BE CAREFUL the spreadsheet saves whichever changes you make. Yes you can hit UNDO, but still be careful
– Before adding information please be 100% sure you are correct
Do not guess anything! Have first hand experience or screenshots or do not edit. Have it written down, or be looking right at the game. Don’t simply post some information but be unsure because you’ve forgotten
– If you do not know how to use spreadsheets use caution or simply post your info here and someone else can enter it for you. (No offense, but someone who has no idea what they are doing may be prone to messing something up)
DO NOT ADD COLUMNS! If you wish for a new column that would be appropriate please suggest them here in the forum. This is so random columns do not simply appear and cause confusion for other editors/players
– For newly released buildings, add a row at the BOTTOM not in the middle. This is to keep the spreadsheet clean
– For items that have been removed, put a strikethrough under the name column only (e.g Origin Factory)
If you are unsure of anything please ask and clarify first
– If a item name has been changed you can simply change it to the new name
– Please try to follow the current format of the spreadsheets

Thanks for helping out!

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