Diablo 3 Wizard Inferno Act 3 Siegebreaker Farming Guide

Diablo 3 Wizard Inferno Act 3 Siegebreaker Farming Guide by Ciroc

This short guide will show you an effective way of gaining 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor before defeating Siegebreaker. I searched Siegebreaker guide in the wizard forums, but I didn’t see one! If you have any extra tips, please share them!

Pros of this guide:

No heralds of pestilence
No winged Moloks
20-35 minute runs, even faster if you have more damage than I do :O.

What you need –
Waypoint to Siegebreaker – Kill the Siegebreaker

A wizard with, in my opinion, 30k HP, 30k Damage, 250-300 all resists. You can easily reach this buy having roughly 1500 int, 800 vit, a 1.1k two hander Or a 850dmg 1-hander with an equal source.

Recommended Builds –


Slot 1(choose one of the following) –
Magic Missile – Seeker Rune
Shock Pulse – Piercing Orb
Electrocute – Lightning Blast

Slot 2(Choose one the following) –
Arcane Orb – (and your favorite kiting rune + Temporal Flux)
Energy Twister – (If you choose critical mass passive + frost nova)*
Blizzard – (Basic Kiting – I prefer stark winter)

Slot 3(Choose one of the following) –
Teleport – (With Fracture or Wormhole)
Diamond Skin – (Crystal Shell)
Frost Nova – (Deep Freeze or Cold Snap)

My preferred build for siegebreaker runs is Magic missile seeker with blizzard – stark winter rune and teleport -fracture.


Followers –


Can heal you
Can taunt
Can increase your AP regen and your HP regen.

Dies too fast against elites
Very low Damage


Can shield you, reflecting projectiles
Can debuff enemies to take 15% more damage
Can actually kill trash mobs
Can knockback enemies
Gives you 3% attack speed

She uses her CC’s at the wrong time
Gets destroyed by mortar
Annoying Voice


Can Slow enemies
Can stun enemies
gives you 3% crit
Can blind enemies

Gets destroyed quickly
His self-heal replaces his blind


The path to follow

01) – Start a new game and teleport to the rakkis crossing to pick up tyrael.

01.a) – If you’re lucky, you’ll find an elite pack that spawned right outside of the waypoint and on the way to siegebreaker.

02) – Look for the underbridge entrance, if you do not see it keep going until you get the checkpoint for Siegebreaker (this will allow you to teleport back to this location after resuming the game for the entrance to spawn). This map has one elite pack and chance of spawning a resplendant chest.

Screenshot of the underbridge: http://oi49.tinypic.com/t7eiqf.jpg

03) If you don’t have at least one NV stack after finishing the underbridge, I would suggest restarting the game and resuming it. This will take you straight to the rakkis crossing, a few yards away from the underbridge.

04) Teleport back to the base

05) Use the waypoint to THE KEEP DEPTHS LVL 3

06) The Keep Depths LVL 3 will have 2-3 elite packs on average. The elites that spawn will typically be spear throwers or very slow skeletons. They are easy to kite and LoS with the hallways and doors.

06a) Occasionally, you’ll have an event spawn. This event will be a soldier talking about how he has trapped very powerful demons in the room. (See this screenshot). When you get this event to pop up, DO NOT BREAK DOWN THE DOOR. Position yourself right in front of the door and place your venom hydra in the back of the room(see the second screenshot). Your venom hydra will solo the elite pack and the only damage you’ll have to worry about is the one from reflect damage if the elite pack has it.

Screenshot of the event: http://oi48.tinypic.com/2aj6qyv.jpg

Screenshot of Hydra soloing: http://oi45.tinypic.com/148nnt0.jpg

07) If you have 5 stacks of NV, go back to rakkis crossing and kill the siegebreaker. Yay.

08) If you do NOT have 5 stacks of NV yet, teleport back to the base and head through the Arreat Gate until you come upon the Fortified Bunker. This map will have 1-2 elite packs that you can finish off for your 5 stacks of NV.

Screenshot of the bunker: http://oi45.tinypic.com/rr0g9e.jpg

09) TO kill siegebreaker the utterly lazy way, plop your venom hydra down and run around your hydra in a circle.



Tyrael does 25-40k damage a hit. His hits also deal reflect damage towards you for roughly 800. Tyrael will be able to keep mobs in combat if you die.

When faced when spear throwers or skeleton archers, keep moving around them in a circle while you let your venom hydra destroy them. Extra Movement speed is very helpful.

If you’re struggling, you can lure elite packs to a door. AN example, when you teleport to the keep depths lvl 3, you’ll see the entrance to the larder. You can kite elites to the larder entrance, enter it for some breathing room, then exit it to launch a few attacks on the elites before retreating back through the door.

Mirror Images and Kormac are effective at blocking doorways. Tyrael is not.

Magic Missile Seeker is a godsend in the areas I have listed, since they have tight corners.


Extra Stuff:

Screenshot of my gear : http://oi50.tinypic.com/2nhi4w0.jpg

Screenshot of my stats: http://oi45.tinypic.com/2w74k2f.jpg

Interesting facts: I could have done 3 siegebreaker runs in the time it took me to make this guide and cut+paste my screenshots.

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