Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Life on Hit Percentages for All Skills Guide

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Life on Hit Percentages for All Skills Guide

All coefficient values in %
Tested with 100, 400 and 500 LoH hand crossbows
Many attacks with HIT + DOT will proc two LoH returns

Hungering Arrow65Per hit.
Puncturing Arrow55Per hit.
Cinder Arrow130Per hit. 65 if arrow kills target.
Shatter Shot22Per hit.
Devouring Arrow65Per hit.
Spray of Teeth40Per hit. Critical spray does not cause LOH
Entangling Shot80Per target.
Chain Gang20Per target.
Shock Collar160Per target. 80 if arrow kills target.
Heavy Burden80Per target.
Justice is Served80Per target.
Bounty Hunter80Per target.
Bola Shot50Per target.
Volatile Explosives25Per target.
Thunder Ball50Per target.
Acid Strike20Per target.
Bitter Pill50Per target.
Imminent Doom50Per target.
Grenades50Per target.
Tinkerer50Per target.
Cluster Grenades50Per target.
Fire Bomb50Per target.
Stun Grenades50Per target.
Gas Grenades100100 impact, 50 per gas tic. 50 if grenade kills target. Per target.
Chemical Burn200100 if knife kills target.
Awareness33Per target from AOE plus extra hit on impact.
Grievous Wound100
Rapid Fire17Per hit. 4 shots per volley.
Withering Fire17Per hit. 4 shots per volley.
Web Shot17Per hit. 4 shots per volley.
Fire Support17Per hit (shot or rocket). 4 shots plus 1 rocket per volley.
High Velocity6Per hit. 4 shots per volley.
Bombardment11Per grenade. 2 grenades per volley.
Chakram50Per hit.
Twin Chakrams33Per hit.
Serpentine50Per hit.
Razor Disk25Per hit.
Boomerang50Per hit.
Shuriken Cloud33Per hit.
Elemental Arrow50Per hit.
Ball Lightning25Per hit.
Frost Arrow25Per hit.
Screaming Skull50Per hit.
Lightning Bolts50Per hit.
Nether Tentacles50Per hit.
Hooked Spines
Torturous Ground
Jagged Spikes67Per target per tic.
Carved Stakes
Bait the Trap
Smoke Screen
Lingering Fog
Breathe Deep
Special Recipe
Choking Gas50Per target per tic.
Action Shot33Per target.
Rattling Roll
Trail of Cinders33Per target.
Evasive Fire100
Shrapnel50Per target from AOE plus extra hit on impact.
Parting Gift33Per target.
Covering Fire25Per target.
Fan of Knives33Per target.
Crippling Razors33Per target.
Retaliate33Per target.
Hail of Knives20Per target.
Fan of Daggers33Per target.
Assassin’s Knives20Per target.
Spike Trap50Per target.
Bandolier50Per target.
Sticky Trap50Per target.
Long Fuse50Per target.
Lightning Rod17Per hit, up to 3 hits.
Scatter50Per target.
Spitfire Turret0
Vigilant Watcher0
Chain of Torment75Per target per tic.
Aid Station0
Guardian Turret0
Strafe25Per hit.
Equilibrium25Per hit.
Drifting Shadow25Per hit.
Stinging Steel25Per hit.
Rocket Storm20Per hit (shot or rocket).
Demolition50Per hit.
Multishot17Per target.
Fire at Will17Per target.
Burst Fire12Per target from spray plus per target from pulse.
Suppression Fire17Per target.
Full Broadside17Per target.
Arsenal10Per target and per rocket.
Cluster Arrow25Per target and per grenade.
Dazzling Arrow25Per target and per grenade.
Shooting Stars17Per target and per rocket.
Maelstrom20Per target and per shadow pulse.
Cluster Bombs25Per target per grenade.
Loaded for Bear25Per target and per grenade.
Rain of Vengeance8Per hit.
Dark Cloud17Per hit.
Beastly Bombs3Per hit.
Stampede25Per hit.
Anathema25Per hit.
Flying Strike25Per hit.
Companion0No companion attacks caused healing.
Smoke ScreenNo attacks.
Shadow PowerNo attacks.
PreparationNo attacks.
Marked for DeathNo attacks. (Not even Grim Reaper.)

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