Diablo 3 Barbarian Inferno Ultimate Warrior Build Guide

Diablo 3 Barbarian Inferno Ultimate Warrior Build Guide by Smusht

Greetings Fellow Barbarians,

I wanted to share a build that I feel is one of the most complete, all around builds a Barbarian has available to it as a class. It scales very well with gear, provides a potent mixture of offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as a balance of one big Ultimate cooldown, but otherwise the build performs as advertised the other 99% of the time.

Co-Op action with my friend’s Monk farming Act I champions and the Butcher:


Solo action in Act I Inferno making it look silly:


In action in Act II Inferno allowing the farming of some champion packs while gearing up:


The Build:


Frenzy: Sidearm

Your bread and butter attack, Sidearm allows for bonus damage, and some limited aoe killing power against lesser minions. Saves time and clicking energy so that you can survey the battle field and not stress over frantically clicking enemies. Click and hold, tunnel and slice your foes to pieces.

Wrath of the Berserker: Insanity

Putting the “Ultimate” in the Ultimate Warrior build. The 2 minute cooldown is shorter than you think, and is more often than not available to you as you dungeon crawl and seek the next foe to slice and dice. Save it for champion packs to get the edge and start the fight in your favor, or use it when the fight looks like it’s going to go badly for you to turn things around. Be Fury Incarnate!

Ignore Pain: Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance truly is bliss with this ability. At only a 30 second cooldown, use it defensively if you’re taking spiky damage, use it offensively to end a fight quickly. Keep this ability on cooldown by using it every opportunity you have. 30 seconds is a short enough time to not feel like you have to “save” this cooldown. Plus, combo it with WotB against Champion packs, and watch them melt to ashes within its 5 second duration.

Revenge: Provocation

Our bread and butter Life Leech/Survivability/Big Damage aoe ability. When it lights up, unleash hell on your enemies. In the video, you can see I get a 109,504 damage crit with it against a champion minion.

Sprint: Rush

One of the most pure fun Fury dumps and spenders in the Barbarian’s arsenal. Zoom around the battlefield, zoom to the next fight, and get +12% dodge to avoid melee attacks and spells while in combat. The Act I video shows me using Leap instead of Sprint, but Sprint truly outshines Leap in a lot of situations. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

War Cry: Impunity

Free Resists! Free Armor! Excellent choice to make the gear you have even better. If you’re feeling up for a more “adventurous” playstyle, try using the Veteran’s Warning rune. The additional +15% Dodge on top of Sprint’s +12% coupled with your innate Dodge from Dexterity, means you will be flat out avoiding a solid chunk of all attacks that come your way.


Inspiring Presence: Get the most out of that War Cry you have up. Free health regen, scales extremely well with a higher HP pool.

Ruthless: This build brings the damage. End fights before they can end you. Be the Barbarian!

Weapons Master: Fairly self-explanatory. Bonus combat effectiveness depending on the weapon you are using. I use a mace in my videos and thus, have +30% critical strike chance with the two passives combo’d together.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and got something out of it. I intended it to be a simple, quick guide to what has proven to me to be a very effective build. Please feel free to tweak it, use it, take it and run with it, as that is a huge source of the fun when playing Diablo 3.


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