Zoomumba Breeding Lab and Animal Nursery Guide

Zoomumba Breeding Lab and Animal Nursery Guide by TheScorpion1

The breeding lab and nursery have been with us for a little while now. Here is a guide as to the usage of the two buildings

Firstly you have to buy the lab and the nursery from the ‘special’ section in you zoo shop. Each on costs 1500 PP.

Once you have bought the two buildings and placed them in your zoo, either the main zoo or your hidden zoo, you are ready to breed new animals. Each building takes the space of 4 squares the same as a habitat.

Now you need to click on the breeding lab to bring up a window

where you can choose which of the available animals you wish to start breeding. Scrolling left and right will bring up the images of the animals – here we have a parrot – now click on the next button at the bottom of that window

The next window allows us to choose which of our parrots we wish to breed. As long as you choose 1 male and 1 female you are good to continue. You are allowed to interbreed different parrots – for instance in the picture above you could breed a male scarlet macaw with a female military macaw and vice versa. You can scroll left and right to reveal what parrots you have available to breed. The parrots (or other animals) you have available are those which you have in your zoo depot – and you can choose any of them – except for the last parrot (or other chosen animal) in the breeding cycle which is the fifth parrot, the Sun Parakeet. Clicking on the red cross at bottom of the round windows – the chosen parrot parents, removes them and you can click in another males and/or female.

Once you have selected the two parents, you can click on the next button

Now you can choose which, if any, of the extra items you wish to use to increase the chances of a higher level parrot. The items you cans elect are from the album collection items – that you have been collecting when you feed, water, cuddle and clean your parrots (or other selected animal). and also power feed, super feed and power pills which you can buy in the ‘resources’ section of you zoo shop. Each of the extra items has a ‘heart’ value – see above, the Peru flag, foot print, cuddly toy have a 1 heart value, the Pirate flag has 2 hearts. The power pills, power feed and super feed have a 3 heart value. The higher the heart value the better the chance of getting a ‘higher’ parrot (or other selected animal). You can scroll left or right to see what items are available to you. Clicking the red cross at the bottom of the chosen item allows you to remove that item and replace with another.

OK so you have now chosen the parents and any extra helpful items that you want. So you can click on the next button.

Here you will get a last view of what you have selected. If you change your mind, hit the back button to change the parents and/or the help items. You will also see here the time it takes to breed an animal – in this case 1 hour (shown as 1.00.00 – hours, minutes, seconds) – and how much it costs to breed the animal – here it is 1,500 PP.

Now you are ready to commence breeding. Hit the button which says ‘start breeding’.

After a few seconds you will get a further window appearing

Here in this window, you are given the choice to cut down on the breeding time by using ‘sweetheart potions’. These potions are available in the ‘specials’ section of your zoo shop. Each potion reduces the time by 50 %. In the example above starting at 1 hour, 1 potion reduces time to 30 minutes, 2 potions to 15 minutes, 3 to 7 minutes 30 seconds and so on. You don’t have to use these potions, you can just click on the red cross at top right of the window.

Now after the required time, here one hour or less if you have used potions, a green tick/checksign will appear on the front corner of your breeding lab.

A further window pops up to reveal what baby has been bred

in this case breeding two scarlet macaws resulted in a military macaw baby – way-hay!

Click on the green tick/checksign and the little baby is transfered to your zoo depot.

Te two adults that you used to breed your baby are NOT returned to you. They are taken away to a beautiful animal sanctuary or safari park where they are well looked after – so you do not need to worry about them

That, folks, ends the breeding part.

Now, we can raise this baby to adulthood. We do not know at this stage, whether the baby, in this example is going to grow up as a male or a female military macaw.

So next, we click on the animal nursery

here we can see what babies are in our depot and therefore our nursery, that we are able to raise to adulthood. In this example I selected a reindeer baby (the military macaw baby hadn’t arrived at this time). You can also see here how long it takes to raise the baby to adulthood, 44 hours. and how much the raising process costs 14,000 PP. Click on the raise button for the process to continue. If you click on the red cross beneath the animal (the reindeer in this case) it will be removed and you can choose a different animal.

A few seconds later a further window will open

here we can see that we are able to immediately raise the animal to adulthood. In my screenshot a scarlet macaw. By hitting the lower button ‘Raise immediately’ at a cost of 4 ZD for parrots (other animals costs are different), exactly that happens – the baby is raised to adulthood immediately. A greem tick/checksign appears on the front of the nursery building. Click on the nursery again

here, the military macaw is back again, and now you can see that your baby military macaw has grown up into a female. Hit the green tick/checksign and your green parrot will move to your zoo depot. She can now be placed in a pen in your zoo or used to breed a further baby.

That now completes the nursery process.

Extra information:-

Each type of animal that can be bred and raised in the lab and nursery have a number of sub species. The sub species can be interbred to get a ‘higher’ animal – but, the breeding process is entirely random as to whether or not you get one of the ‘higher’ animals – though using the special items with the ‘heart’ vaues – the collection items and the power pills, power feed and super feed will increase your chance of getting one of the higher sub species.

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