Forge of Empires Tech Tree Analysis

Forge of Empires Tech Tree Analysis by Ooidal

Table of Goods Required:

Table of Forge points, Gold and Supplies

In this last table, “essential” refers to the notion of fast tracking to the end without getting all of the technology.

Priority Teching
An introductory blurb:

The obvious question arises: If I am a certain type of player, can I favor certain technologies over others in order to further my playing style? The frank answer to this question is NO. If you have any intention of furthering your campaign or even making it to the middle ages, you have to make detours and sacrifices in terms of technology in every direction.

With that said, you can function with a certain priority in getting certain technologies as quickly as possible within the various paths that can be taken. An obvious example here would be, when you are done the tutorial, you can either go directly for the Slingshots technology, or you could fast track into goods like with the Stonework and Woodwork technologies.

The Ultimate purpose of this section will be to analyze various priorities in different ages to see which ones are more feasible, and when they stop becoming feasible and start becoming simply getting everything. Nothing may come of this; the game may be designed in a way that all technologies are spread in such a fashion that no one path is favorable. Maybe certain priorities shall prove to be more effective


This table is exclusively for the Bronze age. The last row, “Effective?” will always operate on the values of Y and N, that is, of Yes and No. In this case, the fact that the FPs literally double when you jump from Horseback Riding to Phalanx means you can no longer effectively “rush” military units. Hence th change from Y to N for that transition. You also don’t need phalanx immensely until the latter half of the Iron Age provinces, for the campaign.

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