Forge of Empires Optimizing Firefox Performance Guide

Forge of Empires Optimizing Firefox Performance Guide by HeftySmurf

A lot of users are using Firefox and are of course having problems with the game such as crashing, lagging and other server disconnections so on and so forth.

Basically I’m going to give a list of things you can do on Firefox to optimise performance.


Ensure you have Updated your Browser and Flash player, the game will run a lot smoother with the updated and newest versions of both.

Firefox will automatically check for updates for you unless you have it disabled, you can Enable it by clicking the Firefox Icon then Options then Options then the Advanced Tab and then the Update Tab.

You can check Flash here:


Deleting/clearing your Browser Cache clears Firefox of any rubbish it has cluttering up its Cache, usually the best thing to delete. To do this click your Firefox tab then click Options, Click the Privacy tab then “Clear your Recent History” A new screen will appear and press the “Details” drop down to show what you can select to delete and you can also pick a time-scale.
This is how it looks:

(You can do this another way of course by simply Disabling Plug-ins one by one, by clicking the Firefox tab then Add-On’s then selecting Plug-In’s and disabling ones which may cause lag.)

When running Firefox using Extensions and Themes can cause Firefox to use more CPU then normal, although this does not majorly affect the game you can slightly improve the performance. The easy way to tell if this makes any difference is to restart Firefox in Safe Mode, to do this click the Firefox Tab then click Help then Restart Firefox with Add-On’s disabled.
This box should then appear:

The two that are selected are the ones i recommend to improve performance, select Make Changes and Restart. Once it restarts Firefox will have disabled all your Add-on’s and reset your Tool-bar’s. You will Need to re-enable Flash! To do this click your Firefox tab then Add-On’s then select the Plug-In’s tab and ensure Shockwave Flash is enabled.


Another way to improve the flash content is to Right-Click in the game and select Settings:

Then ensuring that Hardware Acceleration is Enabled, this is to ease the usage of your CPU by using more of your Graphics Card.


While you are browsing Firefox stores some scripts and images of the web pages in a local memory cache. And they can be retrieved faster if you open the same page. If you have plenty of Ram, go to about:config screen, right click on a blank space and select: new –> Integer name it browser.cache.memory.capacity and set its value to 65536, then Restart Firefox.


Sometimes Flash fails to update its own cache, this can be remedied by right clicking in-game then selecting Global Settings.

Then select Storage and Delete All, and ensure Delete all is selected on the one shown in the picture below.

I shall add to this list when i find more things to add but i hope this helps any Firefox users playing the game on older systems.

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