Forge of Empires FAQ

Forge of Empires FAQ by Blacksmith

Howdy folks I noticed that there is a lot of questions and such that are being double… triple and even quadruple posted. I figure if I give a quick posting of common questions it should help people get referred to the proper answer rather than open up more threads on the same topic.

If you find what you think is a bug ingame please post it in the bugs section of the forums. If its urgent you can post a support ticket ingame by going to your main screen and right clicking. In the option menu that pops up pick support and follow the instructions that follow.

Complaints about slow forge point accrual
This is a game of strategy. Some things take time… well a lot of things. Forge points are set to 10 for a reason on max capacity. If you sleep 12 hours and not 8-9 as the average person sleeps don’t expect the game to change to match your sleep pattern.

Some complaints have come in on it costing a forge point to trade. This is only a one sided cost. If you put things on the market it doesn’t cost you a forge point. If you accept trades on the market from other people it costs you a forge point. Think of this as taxation. You may not think its fair but it should be put into consideration when people are trading. Should help people look at it and not demand 10 resources for 5 resources given.

“I don’t have enough resources and its going to take me 3 days or more to build what I need!”

Well start trading. If there isn’t anything on the market… put yours on the market. It has to start somewhere. You may have excess cloth and need wine… someone might have the wine resource bonus and have tons of wine but no cloth.

If you cant find anyone in your area to trade with then have patience. We are working on a way to trade with other areas rather than just the 80 in your area.


“I cant find the attack list of people who attacked me when I was offline. I closed the window and cannot find it now.”

Click on town hall, then on News tab and there you will find Event History

“Can I defend my city while I am online manually rather than have it computer operated?”

Right now no. That is something we are looking at though for future updates.

I will update this post if I see certain question topics multiply.

Just try and remember folks that this is a strategy game. Dont expect things to move fast and work for your upgrades on buildings and research as well as units. This game wasnt made to be completed over a weekend. If you play well and hard you can get to max expansion at this time within 6 months.

More questions

1. How can I know that my unit or enemy unit won’t strike back, I had few situations when my unit attacked enemy unit but enemy unit didn’t strike back my unit (and vice versa)

Melee enemies (light soldier, heavy soldier, cavalry) strikes back once per turn. Ranged unit doesn’t strike back.

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  1. Hi says:

    May I know how and where to use the medals?

  2. Bismaz says:

    i want to ask, can we transfers goods from one city to others city in one game. how for example

    i have 50 wine and in 2nd city i need wine how i can transfer it from here to other city.

    thanks and best regrds,

  3. Ailinor Treesinger says:

    Why cant I train any of my military units anymore? When I click on the relevant building the screen freezes everytime and I have to reload the game to unfreeze.

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