Forge of Empires Bronze Age Military Tactics Guide

Forge of Empires Bronze Age Military Tactics Guide by YodadaJew

I will continue to update this guide as I pass through the game.
To get started this guide will only address 2 units I have used at this moment in time.

Now I am talking about Spearfighters and Slingers, both of these units can do lots of damage if they are used correctly,
The basic rule or strategy is to always defend, do not rush your units halfway across the map because then the enemy can attack them in one turn and cause damage to you which is not a very good start!
(Although it depends on the situation, if you’re 8 vs 2 obviously you can attack to end the battle quicker.)

You have to protect your slingers with a wall off Spearfighters (Later on you do the same with Warriors), I find this way to work the best for me:

ALWAYS!! use the map to your advantage, Spearfighters gain a defensive bonus while standing on a brush or tree tile:

Now picking units depends totaly on the situation. here is an example:

As shown in the video I decided to use:

– 5 Warriors
– 2 Spearfighters
– 1 Slinger


– 4 Soldiers
– 3 Ballistas

Now my logic behind all of this is:
I decided to go for 5 warriors cause they have a +2 attack bonus against light infantry, also because they have a huge defence too.
Which is good against ballistas in my opinion. The Spearfighters yet again form a shield to defend my slingers.
I went for only one Slinger this time and I was at least able to do some ranged damage, that most of the time is a good thing and beneficial in a battle.

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