Forge of Empires Basic Gold Guide

Forge of Empires Basic Gold Guide by FaZe Apex

Hello, many of you probably don’t know me and that’s fine with me. This is my first guide on this Game so tell me how i did and what you think i should fix

Route 1-Houses.
#####################THESE AREWHEN YOU AREN’T 120% HAPPINESS.############################
Many of you will know that houses(huts, stilt houses, chalets etc…) bring in gold and population. The amount of Gold varies.. From hut’s(6 Gold) to Stilt Houses(13 Gold) to Chalets(80 Gold) and so on.. Im here to help you with a Placing guide and money making guide with Pro’s and Con’s on these.

NOTE: Since i am only in the Bronze era, i won’t be posting about Iron age until im in that stage or someone gives me the info on them.

Huts: The way you would want to place them is in a line like XXXXXXX with another line of them on either side.This will preserve space and bring in a Low income compared to stilt houses.
Pro’s: Good for starting out(for maybe a half Hour)
Con’s: You can easily wait about 3 minutes and get Stilt house which make a very good income(over double Hut’s!)Not a very well income for later on into the game

Stilt Houses: Same tactic for placing. Preserving space is important for a better Army or economic income.
Pro’s: Very good income, faster then Chalets and can produce more money in 4 Hours.
Con’s: Constantly have to collect the money, which is a pain and if you forget your losing money in a way.

Chalet’s: Same tactic as placing. Remember that using and preserving space is good for you!
Pro’s: Very good income if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on this game. 80 Gold income is impressive per house!
Con’s: Can feel like its been 10 hours and it still has time to wait before you can collect.

Route 2- Conquering
In this route, we will be talking about conquering the area’s around you(provinces). By conquering these you can gain 30+ Gold from just controlling one part of the whole territory.

Pro’s: Good way to make money
Con’s: You must spend money if you lose your army.

Route 3- Supporting others
In this route, you can “support” others by viewing there city and choosing one of two options that are available.
You gain 20 Gold by doing either one.
Pro’s: Good source of money if you need it quick.
Con’s: Cool down time. Very boring after about 10 times.

Route 4- Quest’s.
Quest’s include most of the ways above and will add an extra amount of gold to whatever your doing(if you have it as a quest.)
Pro’s: Good way to make you do something. A very good money maker
Con’s: Time consuming, lose units, boring.

Route 5- Bidding Quest’s
NOTE: I DON’T recommend this to anyone. Ive LOST more then i have won.
Costs 111 Gold then 222 and 333 etc..
Pro’s: Can get valuable things, i have seen nothing valuable.
Con’s: Risky, most likely to lose money.

This is all i have come up with right now.. more to come as i progress and people post!


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2 Responses

  1. Cravenblood says:

    What happens when you skip or abort a quest that is out of your realm they seem to escalade even further up the tree ! If I’m in the bronze era I want to do quest in my era I can’t do quest 2 eras away ???

  2. Crimhilda says:

    "Route 5- Bidding Quest's
    NOTE: I DON'T recommend this to anyone. Ive LOST more then i have won.
    Costs 111 Gold then 222 and 333 etc..
    Pro's: Can get valuable things, i have seen nothing valuable.
    Con's: Risky, most likely to lose money."

    next quest gives you 25 diamonds. first 3 are a trick and the fourth one gives diamonds :)

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