Final Eden Zones Guide

Final Eden Zones Guide by Nuttah and Dawson Laws

here is a list of zone names and its links hope these help those that are stuck

war zone
district o
barter town
safe haven
strong hair
romero (This is the main server from here you can chose any of the zones )

if i have made any mistakes please post the link to correct it

Different zones, and their differences

Name: Strong Hair
Observed Effects compares to “Normal”/”Server 1” (15,16,29) zones:

Lower XP needed to level
Higher requirements for building Body shop
Most buildings require only steel to upgrade
Most other buildings only require one type of resource to upgrade
Lower costs in general to upgrade
Lower number of total buildings available
Can only build 1 storage Depot

Name: Barter Town
Oberved Effects:

All buildings require all 4 types of resources to upgrade.
Increased base capacity at beginning
Increased base hourly rate at beginning
Increased time for training
Increased base # of resource buildings
Lower CC level requirement for more defense turrets
Lower CC level req for more generals in general
Lower rivet costs in general

Name: Kraken

Observed Effects:

Lower building times for some buildings
Lower costs in general for building
Slightly higher CC level for more buildings

Name: Jaberwock
Observed Effects:

Higher costs overall
Buildings require all 4 resources to upgrade
Lower time required for upgrading (approx 50%)
Lower base production from resources
Increased CC level required for offensive/troop buildings
Lower CC costs to upgrade
Increased # resource buildings at level 1 or soon after
Dramatically increased armory levels required to research new troops

Name: Safe Haven
Observed Effects:

Increased resource buildings available
Easier to build resource and defense buildings
Increased storage capacity
Increased CC upgrade requirements
Increased troop requirements (build and upgrade)

Name: Medusa
Observed Effects:

Decreased building (and upgrade) costs
Linear Armory level progression
Slightly higher CC level req for more defense turrets

Name: Gergio

Observed Effects:

All units unlocked and able to be upgrade to max at level 1 Armory
0 cost in time and resources to upgrade CC to level 2
Slightly increased turret costs in time and resources
Increased CC req for more buildings

Name: District o
Observed Effects:

Increased Armory req for upgrades
Lower time and resource req for upgrading troops
No plasma or rail guns
No body shop

Name: Nazgul
Observed Effects:

Increased upgrade times
Drastically lower training costs in resources
Increased CC level reqs for more buildings

Name: War Zone
Observed Effects:

CC costs to upgrade slightly lower
Linear upgrade levels for armory

Name: Spice Kit
Observed Effects:

Lower armory level reqs
Increased armory upgrade resource and time req
Increased building time and resource req
Massively increased resource production/hour (about 1500%)

Feel free to add to the stuff I’ve got one here or correct me if I’m wrong. This is just what I’ve seen and is by no means all-inclusive.

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