Diablo 3 Essential Tips and Tricks

Diablo 3 Essential Tips and Tricks

1) Create more characters to store items

Don’t spend any gold on increasing stash size.

2) Sell salvaged essence on the auction house

Don’t sell the item itself for gold at the merchant because the price is low.

3) Team up on blacksmith training

If you have friends you can trust, only one of you need to level up the blacksmith to save gold.

4) Explore side quests for experience and items

Don’t rush through the game as side quests will give a lot of experience and items.

Tweaks to the client

1) Options > Gameplay > Elective mode

Allows you to select any skill to be used with any key instead of the defaults.

2) Options > Gameplay > Display Monster Health Bars, Health Bar Numbers, Damage Numbers

Showing the health bar of monsters help you kill them.

3) Options > Gameplay > Advanced Tooltips

Shows more detailed descriptions of items and their stats.

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