Diablo 3 Barbarian Hit and Run Build Guide

Diablo 3 Barbarian Hit and Run Build Guide by Rhaloz

I want to promote some less used concepts for build making. Most barb builds are “stand your ground” setups. This is absolutly okay. The barb has many skill that let him stand right in the middle of a storm of steel and he is able to take a stroll through a razor forest while humming “Wonderful World”.

Another approach is the hit and run concept. Instead of taking on all enemies directly you use mobility and CC to split up enemies . The goal is to only fight under conditions you choose. Such builds lack the brutal power of “stand your ground” builds but they excell in defusing difficult situations through tactical utility. The main strategy is “divide and conquer”. Splitting up grps and taking out smaller parts safely with CC or raiding weak ranged enemies while avoidung melee attacker are basic example for such a strategy.

You may need a bit more time in a fight but you will live quiet safer. This of course is only true if you can make use of all your skills to the max. Are you prepared for high speed tactical combat and razor edge decisions?

Example: Skirmisher

Those of you who already have quiet some knowledge about barb build making will be able to understand the build in a blink. For all the other I will explain a bit.

As we do not intend to fight all the mobs in the world at the same time or even better not to get hit at all we have less defense skills than SYG setups. But we still need defense as boss mobs hit hard and sometimes you are just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
War Cry+Impunity and Nerves of Steel are our only real defense upgrades.

Speed is most important for hit and run. In this cas I choose Marathon instead of a CD based mobility skill. Add some +speed from gear and you will be faster than anybody. This will allow you to always use your speed to your advantage. Marathon must be fueled and so we need a bit fury. The bonus for this skill is that it will cut down our overall travel time and so increase our overall real dps in a run.

Onslaught and dual wield will give us major single target damage to take out even the strongest guys fast. In addition we will get a good amount of fury once we hit the 3 or 4 attacks per second mark. Besides Marathon we will fuel our main damage dealer.

Rend-Lacarate. Very high damage over 3 seconds as dot. Minimal fury cost and the option to deal damage on a mob while doing something else..like running to the rest of the mob pack and hitting them in the face. Apply Rend on mobs and get to the next grp. The damage per cast is high enough to kill critter mobs even in inferno in one go. Touch and Go.

The Harpoon is most important to safely split up grps from the distance. Aim well and use the best firing position. Draw in dangerous caster and finish them before the “real” fight starts or catch some minions away from a boss to take them out before you take him down. No Escape will allow you often to drag some more mobs into your reach. The added fury income is also nice.

Revenge Grudge is the breaker skill. When things go south or if you need to split up many mobs put Grudge to work (drop Rend before) and advance to single mobs and take them out bit by bit. The nice heal is also very welcomed.

Get +hp on hit and life leech on items. High crit and crit damage is also nice.

This is only one way to achieve a hit and run build. There are many more and you should try to figure out what kind of skills you want to use. The effectivity of your setup is mostly up to. Make smart decisions and chain your CC and movement in the best way and plan ahead. This playstyle is more demanding but you should have a great amount of fun.

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