Wrath of Heroes Mourkain Temple Guide

Wrath of Heroes Mourkain Temple Guide by Yan

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A death blow of your team gives you 3 points, regardless of the flags you control (*).
If your team controls at least 1 of the 3 outer flags, you can capture the center. Holding the center generates 3 points every 3 seconds. If you lose all outer flags while controlling the center, the center becomes neutral again.


#01 – 1 outer + center
This basic strategy is quite simple. Try to hold one of the outer flags and the center. Works best with the east flag as orange or green, as this flag is nearest to the center. If the enemies are fighting each other, it’s best to wait between center and east flag to see where they attack.

#02 – outer flags
The concept of this strategy is less to generate points than to prevent the other teams to get them. It is recommended for weak or low DPS groups. The team splits up in 2 or 3 groups and tries to steal most of the outer flags. The main target flags are always that of the team who holds center. You can also try to tap the center, but if they defend it, it’s most time better to attack their outer flag(s) to make the center neutral. DoK’s can be very useful to camp one of the outer flag (Artifact-style).

#03 – camp center
To win with this strategy, I’d recommend a really strong group, same in DPS as in heal / defense. You practically do nothing than to capture 1 outer flag at the beginning and then the center to generate a few points. Then camp the center so that no other team can capture it. As most enemies don’t even notice this strategy, they keep attacking you in the center where you kill them to get your points. It’s good to have one Skaven or DoK to capture one of the outer flags from time to time. If the group dies, you have to get to the center again immediately, and for that always kill the enemy teams “equal”: that they have to fight each other in the center before one team can capture it.

/– Sometimes I see a team getting only 2 points instead of 3 at the beginning. If you have any idea why (except bug), answer here please. I can also add new/other strategies or correct something if you notice me to do so. –/

Seems like there is a difference to the death blow points with flags. I’m not sure but I guess if you have no outer flag, you get 2 points per death blow, and if you have 2 or 3 (or only 3 ? ) outer flags you get 4 points. Noticed that with a camp center warband.

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