Wrath of Heroes Hero Overview Guide

Wrath of Heroes Hero Overview Guide by Yan and Jessant

This is a little overview of the heroes, inclusive some important things for newbies. I also list their WAR/Fantasy class and abbreviation, as probably most Warhammer-new players don’t know them.

Aessa (Goldmane), White Lion (WL):

Melee, Support
Special: Pounce to enemies, group-guard
Passive Bonus: Attacks can not be dodged

Aessa the White Lion- Defensive tank, can share damage taken by nearby allies, makes your healers even harder to kill and still does pretty great damage and her attacks cannot be dodged (counters the Witch Elf). Does not work without a healer or two, satisfying and powerful with a healer or two. Has the best ability sound effects ROAR.

Albodi (the Scarred / Changebringer), Chosen:

Melee, Tank, Support
Special: Increase target’s cooldown
Passive Bonus: AoE snare-aura

Albodi the Chosen- Melee debuff/Weirdly specific anti Witch Elf. One of his abilities removes dodge chance from enemies but only the Witch Elf can dodge… Has a nice root, the most annoying debuff ever, which doubles the cooldown of abilities you use while debuffed and smacks things fairly hard. Passive aura that brings sprinting/faster heroes down too your speed.

Amenadresh (the Stuard / Herald of Ptah), Liche Priest (Mummy):

Range, Magical, Support
Special: Negate armor debuff, increased incoming damage debuff

Amenadresh the Liche Priest- Support/Psuedo healer. Can strip an enemy of all armor, cause nearby allies to leech life from enemies with a very generous cooldown and increase damage on an enemy (hit the enemy with the red swirly effect). No longer terrible!

Bax (Dreadtoof / ‘s Scrapping Suit), Black Orc (BO):

Melee, Tank
Special: Reduce targets damage, (AoE-)knockdown
Passive Bonus: Gets stronger while attacking (Chopper-enrage)

Bax the Black Orc- Defensive tank, walk around your buddys smacking nasty bad people with your shield to cripple their damage. Builds “clobbering” by clobbering people and becomes rediculously hard to kill (and visually huge) with a full stack. Has the best stun. Has trouble with dodging Witch Elves.

Conrad (Hammer of Sigmar / Warrior of Truth), Warrior Priest (WP):

Melee, Heal, Support
Special: Silence, damage boost for group

Conrad the Warrior Priest-Melee healer. Needs to smack a thing in melee to create aoe heals centered on himself, if the enemy have no melee and your group is mostly ranged don’t be a Warrior Priest. He can really tank a lot of damage compared to a Shaman running with your melee dps.

Durrig (Blackbeard / Wildshot), Engineer:

Range, AoE
Special: Build a turret

Durrig the Engineer- Ranged area damage. Can do insane aoe damage (not really enough too outright kill anything by itself but enough to make shaman drop all their toys and still be behind) then has to wait forever while the two skills that cause it cooldown. If the enemy don’t clump up you’re pretty awful but the day a group in WoH doesnt clump up has yet to be seen. Also drops a turret that shoots whatever the engineer shoots but thats a side show to his two big aoe abilities. No utility at all.

Felicia (Lightwarden / Flamebearer), Bright Wizard (BW):

Range, Magical, AoE
Special: Most AoE

Felicia the Bright Wiz-The closest thing to a crowd controller the game has. Defined by a spammable knockback ability that can save your mates from enemy melee or make your mates want you dead when you knock the low health enemy out of range AGAIN. Has a great kill securing long ranged root and a large aoe snare, if you save both the root and the snare for use together you can do a big pile of AOE damage.

Glowgob (da Green / ‘s Snotling Suit), Shaman:

Range, Magical, Heal (group)
Special: Most Healing, group buff for extra damage

Glowgob the Shaman-Ranged healer. Basic attack heals people near the Shaman when it hits (so stand near a Shaman) and his other abilities require good timing to get the most out of, waste your totem and you will die very fast where considered users will be very hard to kill. Two healers or a White Lion and a healer in any team seems to be the magic number. If you’re a ranged DPS and you have a shaman you probably want to follow the shaman instead of trying to kite enemies or whatever you think you are doing, his damage boost is awesome and you will be harder to kill with heals on you than running people around in circles (maybe not true if your a good Bright Wiz but probably still true).

Gromki (Morgrimson / Stoutrune), Runepriest (RP):

Range, Magical, Debuff
Special: 3 debuffs, timed burst

Gromki the Rune Priest- Ranged damage/Debuff machine, can put three different runes on enemies each with a pretty sweet debuff and can detonate the runes for damage.

Ikkrik (Poisonclaw / Silentdeath), Gutter Runner (Skaven):

Range, Melee, Physical
Special: Stealth (short) incl. damage immunity
Passive Bonus: Runs fast

Ikkrik the Gutter Runner- Opportunist. Most of his abilities are throwing knife damage attacks but then he has a big melee whack that always crits on people below 1/2 health. Works by using his superior movespeed to hang around the edge of a fight running from anything that even looks at him and throwing knives at the key target then suddenly dashes in to finish them off. You need some positional awareness and patience to make this guy work but when it does its a beautiful/infuriating thing. Stealing killing blows when the other two teams are fighting is this guys bread and butter. Passive Bonus: Faster run speed.

Ilanya (Darkwind / the Poisoned Bloom), Sorceress:

Range, Magical
Special: 2 DoTs
Passive Bonus: Attacks generate stacks to crit once

Ilanya the Sorceress- Ranged damage. See Shadow Warrior, has more interesting abilities like a backloaded nuke that damages after its debuff expires for queuing up sudden burst damage. Great at sniping killing blows.

Kaelin (Blackthorn / Cullbranch), Dryad:

Melee, Physical ?, CC
Special: 2 (3) CC skills, offensive and defensive stance

Kaelin the Dryad- Hybrid, can switch forms with a 30 second cooldown. Winterform is a defensive tank, Summerform is a melee dps who benefits people assisting the same target with a debuff. Also provides a damage increase/damage reduction aura. Mastering form use would probably make you an amazing teammate, probably.

Korelei (Heartripper / Deathmaiden), Witch Elf (WE):

Melee, Physical
Special: Great DPS
Passive Bonus: Runs fast, ignores armor, 75% ? dodge to physical attacks

Korelei the Witch Elf- Melee damage. Can be split into two Mastery setups, The Glass Cannon and the Dodgy Witch Elf. Easily the best killer as a glass cannon, if you spot a glass cannon (no dodge) Witch Elf tell your teammates and focus that ***** down every fight. A bit of a rock/paper/scissors set up without those masteries but keeping the ability to dodge. You have lower max health than most but dodge most physical attacks thrown at you making you easily beat other melee and the shadow warrior but still die fast to magic damage and White Lion/Chosen who bypass your dodge chance. Your team should really include someone playing a hero who can kill Witch Elves fast.Koreleis attacks ignore armour making her by far the best way to cut down a Black Orc with clobbering built.

Korith (Bitterborn / The Relentless), Shadow Warrior (SW):

Range, Physical
Special: Great DPS with cooldowns

Korith the Shadow Warrior- Ranged damage. He does do significantly better DPS and can focus down healers by himself if all his abilities are off cooldown and the enemy team doesn’t come scare you off. Great at sniping killing blows.

Nethys (the Unsated / the Crimson), Vampire:

Range (short), Magical
Special: Great DPS and burst, sprint, AoE stagger (root)
Passive Bonus: Gets HoT’s (Health over Time) with attacks

Nethys the Vampire- Tanky melee damage, Basic attack builds stacks on herself that provide a self heal over time, with the stacks built she can drop some major burst damage. Nice sprint ability, area stagger and self healing makes her possibly the best solo artist. Very hard to stop her stealing your runes in Black Fire pass. Does magic damage not physical so she hard counters the Witch Elf but gets destroyed by the Slayer.

Rockgut (the Troll), Troll:

Melee, Physical, AoE
Special: (weak) AoE, AoE snare, AoE knockdown
Passive Bonus: Regenerates health

Rockgut the Troll- Area melee damage/comedy farting troll. All five abilities are short range AOE including a spammable AOE snare, the damage aint spectacular and you will be focus fired because your model is so huge but if an enemy team are all squishy ranged characters and clumped around their Shaman getting a Troll on top them (which wont be easy) will crush them hilariously.

Tobias (Schmidt), Knight of the Blazing Sun (KotBS):

Melee, Physical, Tank, Support
Special: Group sprint, AoE snare, 100% crit boost for group
Passive Bonus: Group gets +15% armor

Tobias the Knight of the Burning Sun- Area melee damage/group buffs. Has a lovely group sprint with a short cooldown and group crit bonus buff, if your group are sticking together then sprinting them into the back of another group and hitting the crit buff is fun fun fun. Other abilities are area melee swings (of dubious value).

Thagison (the Disgraced / Ragebeard), Slayer:

Melee, Physical
Special: Great DPS with cooldowns
Passive Bonus: Immune to snare, knockback and root; 75% ? dodge on magical attacks

Thagison the Slayer- Melee damage. Has two big whacks and an ability that guarentees your next 3 hits crit. Can combine them for the highest burst damage in the game or save them for poaching killing blows. Passive bonus: Immune to snare, knockback and root effects. High chance to disrupt (outright resist) spells and debuffs including melee swings that debuff.

Volrik (Clawhand / Ravenblessed), Marauder (Mara):

Melee, Physical, Magical, CC
Special: Root (ranged), block incoming healing (ranged), pull enemies

Volrik the Marauder-Remember when Deathknights were added too WoW and deathgrip changed the whole battleground PvP dynamic? Mara has deathgrip, 100% heal blocking debuff, a decent ranged root and a spammable snare. You want a Mara on your team, you dont really want more than one as he pays for his obscene game changing utility with his pathetic damage and fragility. Has the best voice acting.

Zathis (Scion of Khaine / the Silent), Disciple of Khaine (DoK):

Melee, Physical
Special: Stealth (perma), teleport to enemy
Passive Bonus: Attacks from stealth deal increased damage

Zathis the Assassin/DoK- Melee dps/ambush. Two of her abilities are for confusion/ambush, a teleport too enemy button and a stealth button, but the damage of her others make up for it. You can barely move at all while stealthed so you are not really a stealth class (please mock anyone you see crossing the map stealthed), more a melee dps who doesn’t have to worry about being first on the enemies tab targetting while defending. Guess the gender!


Root- Prevents movement and turning too face other enemies. Bright Wiz, Mara, Dryad, Chosen and a mastery option on Vamp all root.
Stagger- Like a Mez or Sleep in other games, prevents movement and any skill use, is broken by damage. Dont try and stagger the enemy you just poisoned as Dryad. Vamp and Dryad have aoe staggers.
Knockdown – Like a stun in other games, prevents movement and skill use, not broken by damage. Only Black Orc brings this.
Disarm – Prevents Physical classes using skills. Dryad and masteried Witch Elf can disarm.
Silence – Prevents Magic classes using skills. Warrior Priest can silence (make those Vamps rage!).

Physical damage-Effected by armour and dodge, most noticeable while hitting a Black Orc with max clobbering or a Witch Elf with dodging mastery set up, get someone else to kill them.
Magical damage-Thagison will pretty much ignore your damage. Vamp, Sorceress, Bright Wiz, Shaman, Liche Priet and Rune Priest do magical damage everyone else is physical.

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