World of Tanks Effective Platoons Guide

World of Tanks Effective Platoons Guide by fsjd

We see them in nearly every battle, a group of people platooned together. Some of these platoons are muderously effective. Some are a blight upon the team. Within this guide you will learn the best platoon combinations and some general tips.

A platoons composition is everything. The two or three tanks in the group should complement each other and provide a higher degree of coordination and focused fire.
all groups assume 3 map platoons.

The Triplets: Three KVs, Type 59s, whatever. Three of the exact same tank and gun. Highly effective as the matchup the platoons recives will not be too extreme for any one member. 3X artillery platoon is brutal if the three focus fire on the same targets.

Three of a kind: Three heavys, mediums, etc. The three tanks are all the same class, so perform the same general role.

Complementary platoon: A platoon of tanks whos roles complement each other For the most part, you will see this as two artillery and a scout. The scout lights up targets for the two platooned and the one or two un-platooned arty present. also heavy, heavy, medium or heavy, medium, medium. Mediums are able to screen the heavies. Also effective are TD, heavy, heavy. The heavies can provide cover on the flanks to allow the TD to keep its strong front armor to the enemy.

Mixed: Three different classes such as a heavy, TD, and medium. Generally does not do as well as the other groups due to the different roles of each.


Platoon with people you know- clanmates are a goood choice, as the learning and teaching oppertunities are nearly unlimited.
STAY TOGETHER: all too often I see a platoon split up early on- whats the point of the enchanced coordination if you all go different ways and are unable to support each other? you might as well go play solo fights.
COMMUNICATE: use the chat or in-game voice chat if you have to- let each other know of developments they may not be aware of.
DO NOT MIX TIERS: V, VI, VI is ok, but dont go past a 2 tier spread.
AND BY ALL MEANS DO NOT BRING A TIER I ALONG WITH YOUR TIER X!! This deprives your team of a needed upper tier tank. Platoons like this tend to have at the very least the tier I teamkilled, if not the whole platoon.

Feedback and suggestions welcome.
I will add/change this based on information you give me.
Hope this helps, GLFH.

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  1. not important but the info is says:

    If you are in a match with a bad platoon (say, a T1 queued with a T6, or something else like that), DO NOT TEAM KILL THE T1 OR ANYONE ELSE IN THE PLATOON. Why?
    – That T1 or platoon member can still potentially spot an enemy for you
    – That platoon member can still deal damage
    – That T1 can still potentially deal module damage to an enemy tank
    And most importantly…
    Every shot the enemy fires at the T1 or the platoon member is another shot they didn’t fire at you, and another reload cycle they have to spend before shooting at you.

  2. tanker says:

    worst. guide. ever.

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