War of the Immortals Ranger Builds Guide

War of the Immortals Ranger Builds Guide by grinsinthedark


Welcome to War of the Immortals (WOI). If you are checking out this “Insight” thread, then that means you are interested in playing the Ranger class. Some of you, like myself, are veterans from Battle of the Immortals (BOI), and are trying out the second book (as I like to call it) in the Immortals series. So if you have come from BOI, then this game isn’t going to be difficult to figure out. They run the exact same way except there are new classes and the storyline is different.

Now, if you’re new to the Immortals series, then first thing is first. Upon creating a character, you will see a blank space at the bottom of the character customization window that says “Introduction.” What you do there is you copy-paste any Introduction ID, which is a long serial number that you may find people posting up randomly about this site. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and make your character, confirm, and enter the game. You will notice right away upon clicking your Stash Box (like in Perfect World) that you will get a second Stash Box, which is for VIP accounts. By using an Introduction ID, you become a different kind of player. You become a VIP member. VIP members get helpful gear, pets, and items to assist them in leveling. I recommend it, do it, and here you can have my introduction ID: 7400192G000401097000140Sefb1ff

A tip for a tip!

The Ranger Class

The Ranger class is pretty much The Archer class. You use a bow and you can hit things from a distance. The beauty of being a ranger in this game is how the gameplay allows you to run and attack the enemy at the same time. This makes the Ranger class a good, “Nyah, nyah, na, boo, boo” class. A Ranger is all about maintaining distance. They are not made for being immersed in a thousands of enemies unless you plan to use an Area of Effect (also know as Trap for the Ranger class). The Ranger class not only specializes in long-range combat, but AOE. I’m going to quote the excerpt from when the class was first introduced in the WOI News:

“With guile and precision, the Ranger is extremely proficient at dealing massive amounts of damage from long range.  With AOE traps and skills to aid them in combat, the ranger plays a vital role as the tactician and strategist.  With their ability, a team’s overall combat effectiveness will increase dramatically.“

My favorite tactic so far is using “Explosive Trap,” running around within the trap, and then using the XP Skill, “Rain of Arrows,” on top of it for an overkill. When you get in game and play around for awhile, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Ranger Builds

There are two builds that I recommend for Rangers to use because any other build is a waste of “potential.” Potential are points you acquire at level 20. You only get 2 potential points per level, so where you place your points is crucial.

Attribute Introduction

There are 5 attribute categories:

VIT – increases HP by 17 and slightly increase HP regen.
SPR – increases Mana by 18 and slightly increases MP regen.
STR – increases Physical Attack by 1 and Accuracy by 1.
INT – increases Magic Attack by 1 and Critical Strike by 1.
DEX – increases Accuracy by 1.1 and slightly increases Critical Strike and Evasion

The primary attribute of a Ranger is Dexterity (DEX).

Now, because you don’t acquire Potential points until level 20, let’s study the Ranger’s growth.

Ranger’s Natural Growth

At level 1, a Ranger’s stats are:

HP 554/554MP 250/250
Physical Attack 6-6
Magic Attack 4
Physical Defense 2
Magic Defense 2
Critical Strike 3%
Critical Block 0%
Accuracy 27
Evasion 9
DEX 10

You can see that STR and DEX are both higher than the other three attributes. This is where the two builds I recommend come into play. But before we get into that, let’s keep studying.

By Level 2 these attributes change automatically:

VIT 3 (+1)
STR 6 (+2)
DEX 12 (+2)

The game automatically allocates five of its own points into your character’s build. This changes again at level 3:

SPR 3 (+1)
STR 8 (+2)
DEX 14 (+2)

This pattern repeats itself all the way to level 20, and it did change once at level 4 where instead of receiving +2 STR you receive 1 point but you get the idea.

Now because we know that STR and DEX are naturally going to keep acquiring +2 bonus points, you can work your build two ways (you can work it more ways than that, but I recommend the two ways I’m about to show you because any other way is pointless).

Pure Dex

For the Pure Dex build you allocate all Potential points you get into Dexterity. From level 20 to 30, you get a total of 20 Potential points to allocate freely. If you placed all your points into Dexterity, then your Ranger’s stats should look like this:

I actually went to level 31 (it happened so fast, leveling in this game is awesome), so I had 22 Potential points. I put it all into Dexterity. I’m going to highlight what is in the picture in case you can’t see:

VIT 20
SPR 14
STR 47
DEX 80

HP 1,419/1,419 (I forgot to remove the badge that gives +300 HP so it really is this amount)
MP 696/696
Physical Attack 71-71
Magic Attack 32
Physical Defense 24
Magic Defense 24
Critical Strike 5%
Critical Block 0%
Accuracy 219
Evasion 84


Same situation as above. I went to level 31, so 22 potential points allocated. How I did this build, is I gave 1 point to STR and 1 point to DEX (half it). I see no point in trying to do a variation. For example, 1 STR and 2 DEX (every two levels) or 1 DEX and 2 STR (every two levels – are you crazy?). Check out the screenshot below, and read on to see the explanation of how these two builds are slightly different.

VIT 20
SPR 14
STR 58
DEX 69

HP 1,419/1,419
MP 696/696
Physical Attack 82-82
Magic Attack 32
Physical Defense 24
Magic Defense 24
Critical Strike 5%
Critical Block 0%
Accuracy 217
Evasion 75

Build Comparison

Critical Strike

You can see that the Critical Strike amount is the same, but in game, the amount of Critical Strike damage is very different. I show you in this screenshot an example of a Pure Dex Critical Strike amount. The highest I saw for this build at level 31 was 318, but I was aimlessly staring, and not clicking Print Screen at the moment, so I missed it. Just know that at level 31, it can spike higher than what was in the screenshot:

Now, let’s look at the STR/DEX build Critical Strike:

As you can see, it’s much lower, and yes I spent a good five minutes killing these monsters and trying to find a Critical that can match the Pure Dex build, but it never came.


The pure Dex build offers lower damage. It’s not horrible, it’s just slightly lower than the STR/DEX build. Let’s witness.

Pure Dex Damage

STR/DEX Damage


Pure Dex build’s evasion at level 31 was 84, and STR/Dex build’s evasion was 75. That’s a 9 point difference, which doesn’t seem like much “statistically” and from what it clearly says in your Character Window, but gameplay wise, on a Pure Dex build, the enemy missed me more than it did on STR/Dex. On the STR/DEX build, I found myself drinking a bit more pots than I usually would on Pure Dex. Heck, I rarely drink pots on Pure DEX period.


Pure Dex Build

By allocating all of your points into Dexterity, you get slightly more accuracy and evasion than the STR/DEX build, the enemy will miss you more, and your critical strike will be higher than STR/DEX (gameplay wise).

STR/DEX build

By allocating 1 point into STR and 1 point into DEX, you give your Ranger a little more damage, the enemy will have a better chance of hitting you than it would if you were Pure DEX, and your critical strike is lower than the Pure Dex build (gameplay wise).

What build should you choose?

Choose whatever one you want. You can easily balance out your character with gear, gems, and all that lah-dee-dah. It really doesn’t matter what path you choose. Me, personally, I’m going to stick with Pure Dex. I’m all about having more evasion.


This was just a Closed Beta Insight on the Ranger Class. I will continue to play the Ranger class, and as I do, I will add more interesting data to this insight. I’m not expecting this to become a guide, but because this is Closed Beta, making guides, finding bugs, and just examining the game is what the developers are expecting us to do. I saw that no one had offered any Insight on the Ranger yet, so I decided to. As a token of thanks, be sure to use my Introduction ID at the top of this thread, and see you in game!

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