War of the Immortals Heretic Pet Choice Guide

War of the Immortals Heretic Pet Choice Guide by aethie

I’m still testing out theory and experimenting —


For mana consumption/mana battery (needed perhaps later levels/harder bosses or instances, but IMO food works perfectly fine for me): spirit

For fuse: I currently use a vit pet.

I think spirit/vit is best for beginning players, since you get a mana battery and a nice extra few thousand HP from vitality fuse. I currently use a Beamon lvl 93/3k growth and it gives me about 20k HP. For my other pet, I actually use a Linadro stat’ed for intellect (DPS) at the moment, but I may change it. We’ll have to see. I am trying to get my hands on a Reaper eventually – just summoning and getting lucky proves to be difficult >:

Here’s a list of possible boss pets for spr/vit — eh… Might not be all of them, these are just the ones I remember. I mostly know/remember end-game pets, so if I missed a few early game pets… yeah that’s why lol.

Eh… just going to put down end-game pets from now on LOL

Possible Spr Boss Pets:
Lucifer, Grim Reaper Hel (2750), Morpheous (2750)

Possible Vit Boss Pets:
Asmodeous?, Beamon, Violet Illusion Dragon, Kugor (2750), Hypnos (2750), Nergal (3000)

Possible Int Boss Pets:
Berial (2750), Firehorn (2750), Deity of Disaster (2750), Hades (3000)

Possible Dex/Mag Pets:
Eltha (2750), Cerebus (2750), Linadro (3000)

Possible Dex/Str Pets:
Bolt (2500)

Possible Str Pets:
Red Illusion Dragon? (2500), Torro (2500), Dragonlord Dilthas (3000)

Edit: Totally spaced on PvE/PvP aspects/discussion.

PvE: Vitality DPS/ Vit/Dex/Spr Fuse
Vitality DPS imo is one of the best, it’s harder for your pet to die and with Health transfer that’s like a free zen pot.
For fuse I say vit/dex/spr. One of those 3 for these 3 reasons:
Vit – Bonus HP
Dex – Evasion/accuracy
Spr – Magic def/Phys def

It just depends how you want to build. If you lack Friggas in your gear, want more survive ability – maybe a vit pet would be good. If you think you miss a lot, perhaps a dex pet for bonus accuracy. If you think you get hit for too much, perhaps a spirit pet so your m.def and p.def goes up.

PvP: Vitality DPS / Dex/Vit/Spr fuse
So same reason for vitality DPS. It stays alive longer, it could be your savior when you’re stun-locked at like 10k hp. Pop that health xfer and gain a decent amount of HP back.

Dex Fuse – For accuracy. I’m not sure if it works for evasion/how evasion works for us heretics yet. Dex does increase your accuracy (which can equal that last OP mind flay missing or hitting for a frag), as well as your evasion. I need to do some trial and error with the evasion, but for the most part I’d say dex fuse for accuracy… and the small bonus crit percentage it gives you.

Vit Fuse – For some OP bonus HP. I get 20k HP… that’s like a good few seconds I’ll stay alive/last longer to run away / top myself or allies off.

Spr Fuse – For m.def and p.def. I haven’t actually tested this against Dex fuse. I need to level up my Linadro to compare to a Spr fuse (do some duels/etc) to see how it all works out. The general idea is great, but I’m not sure if the actual benefits end up being as good as the idea. It’ll give you a good chunk of mana though o:

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