War of the Immortals Enchantress New Player’s Guide

War of the Immortals Enchantress New Player’s Guide by stoopidmerekat18

Hi there. I’ve already done one thread on Heretics that explained the different types of builds in detail for people that were wondering about it. I was told to try Enchantresses next, so I did. To be completely honest, I did not spend much time playing them for several very simple reasons, which will be explained later on. Honestly, I would not recommend playing Enchantresses, but if you decide to, here’s what each specific type of build will do.

Just like the Heretic, there are three possible types of builds you could do.
1) Pure spirit
2) Pure intellect
3) Hybrid*

*There are two different hybrid types I have heard about so far.

Pure spirit builds are, believe it or not, only decent at the two things they can do. Healing and magic damage. The reason that they are “pure spirit”, is that every time you level, you take those two points, and put them into your spirit. The role of this type of Enchantress is to heal minor wounds, and to heal them often, seeing as they only get one heal skill, and it cools down very quickly. Now, the reason I said they are only decent at the two things, is that unlike the Heretic, their intellect will actually grow more every time they level. From what I can understand, your class will automatically have a certain amount of points it will allocate every level, and you only get to assign two points into what has already been modified. Having said that, because more of those “automatic points”, if yo will, have been dropped into intellect, and less into spirit than a heretic’s, you will actually have less spirit than a heretic of your level and the same build will. Thus, your healing abilities will not be on par with those of a heretic, although your magic damage will be. The people who play this build of enchantress usually tend to upgrade their buffs and their heal skill before anything else.

Pure intellect builds are a LOT better at “dps”, if you will, than pure spirit Enchantresses, but are less capable at healing than their counterparts are. The reason they are called “pure intellect” is the same reason that the “pure spirit” Enchantresses get their name. You put the two points you get every level into only intellect. From what I can understand, while you have a better ability to do magic damage, because of your upgraded intellect, you will not be able to do the same amount of damage that a Magus of the same level would. So the upside of this build would be more damage, while the down side would be the inability to heal well.

Now, on to the hybrids. The first hybrid build I will discuss is the general one. Spirit/intellect. The only reason that somebody would do this build is if they were wanting to do more damage than a pure spirit Enchantress, but also be able to heal more than a pure intellect enchantress. Unlike my Heretic thread, I’m not going to list a lot of information on how to do a good hybrid build, as, like I said, I did not personally like the build, and did not spend much time playing it.

The second hybrid build that I have only heard about, and not tried, is an intellect/dexterity build. I was talking to a friend of mine in the game who is the only person I have ever heard of using it, and the reason she uses it is because she:

A) Likes the buffs of the Enchantresses
B) Likes the ability to do good amounts of damage
C) Likes to be able to have a good enough evasion to not get hit all the time

I am unsure as to how to build this type of hybrid, as I did not ask her about it.

Unlike in my Heretic thread, I am going to list my reasons as to why I do not like this class, as I think they may be useful to helping others decide as to whether or not to play an Enchantress.

A) I think this class was a waste of time trying to create an amalgamation of a Heretic and a Magus.
B) You can create a Heretic that will heal WAY more with a hybrid build than you can with a pure spirit Enchantress.
C) A Magus can straight up out “dps” an Enchantress from the very first level.
D) The “plink” of her harp every time she auto-attacks is EXTREMELY annoying.

I won’t lie, this was a hastily made thread, but I hope it is still to the satisfaction of those who read it. I tried to clarify as to what each type of Enchantress does, and I believe I have to the best of my capabilities. If you read this, please leave a comment. I would like to know what you all think, and would like to know which class I should create a thread for next. This is the ONLY class I have absolutely hated at first, and have not had grow on me. Thank you so much, and enjoy. xD

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  1. TheOneBeing says:

    I think whoever made this thread is an idiot. The enchantress was not made to be a magus-heretic hybrid. So let’s stop even trying to compare them to the aoe-dps or the healing wonder. She can do what they cannot and that is buff buff buff … she is the ultimate control class, however unlike the magus she does not control her enemies rather the enchantress controls her own allies transforming them into powerful versions of their prior selfs. Also she has 2 healing skills , her main heal and her party heal. Her job is to support in a way that the heretic can not, the heretic is a healer with some buffs but she is a buffer with some heals. None is better then the other , place a enchantress on a team and her buffs will increase her allies damage and attack speed to inflict damage so fast that the heretics heals will be useless trying to heal past it. The enchantress and heretic are the yin and yang of support, put them together and good things will happen.

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